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The massive Freemode Events DLC was included by Rockstar in patch 1.29 for GTA 5 and not only added a dozen new activities and other miscellaneous content to the game, but set GTA V up for the next wave of DLC by reworking the foundations of GTA Online. Freemode Events wiped away loading screens, lobbies and menus.

All in all, Freemode Events has added a massive amount of content to GTA Online and it might seem rather daunting at first. Getting the hang of more than a dozen entirely new missions isn't easy.

However, before you jump into any of the new events, make sure that you are fully prepared for the challenge. You'll need to keep your arsenal fully stocked. So make sure you have plenty of heavy ordnance and enough ammo to kill your way to the top. Amidst all the weapons, however, do not forget to fill your pockets with snacks too. You'll also need a wide variety of vehicles to dominate each of the unique events.


Rockstar also suggest teammates share their monetary resources and rewards. Well, good luck with that! In perhaps a more reasonable/achievable tip, you should always stay on target, heed the pop-up tips and tutorials, and set your targeting preferences to avoid pissing off a friend!

Hunt the Beast

Moving in to specifics, here are some tips for Hunt the Beast. The mode sees one player turned into a semi-werewolf, who has to visit landmarks and survive the hunting team. As a hunter, you should try and keep your eyes on the prey as long as possible when you find him. You can do this by expanding your minimap in the display settings. Audio cues also indicate the proximity of the beast, and it is suggested to work as a team and have a chopper pilot serve as a spotter. Pedestrians will be scared of the beast, so fleeing civilians usually mean you're on the right track. Should the beast jump behind the wheel, keep an eye out for a non-NPC driving style.

As for the beast, you should make sure you've lined up your landmarks with the most efficient route. Being part Werewolf, you are faster and stronger, so don't be afraid to face you pursuers if needed. And taking out choppers is a good idea. Just remember to never get cornered!

King of the Castle

Moving on to King of the Castle, the gamemode which has players occupy a fortified building. As long as you control the fort, you'll continuously be rewarded with GTA$ and RP, but the other players will seek to de-throne you, so keep your gun close.


When assaulting the castle, you should focus on the King, as his score will only increase if his team mates are eliminated. If he's out of your reach, you should go after the points leader. Make sure to utilize the cover at your disposal, or you'll be shredded. Once you've claimed the crown, make sure to fill your Kingdom with proximity mines and don't shy away from calling upon mercenaries.

Moving Target

Next up is Moving Target. This activity requires you to deliver a specific vehicle to a drop-off point - intact - as fast as possible. While it might seem simple enough, keep in mind that you'll have plenty of people trying to prevent you from succeeding.

Once the vehicle has been designated you need to get to it as swiftly as possible, and it does not hurt to have a buddy tag along as support. They can either run interference, attack and fend off pursuers, or just entertain you along the way. If you know your way around the streets of Los Santos then don't rely blindly on the GPS.


Hot Property

Last up in this guide is Hot Property, the job which has you hunt for the much coveted briefcase. This is a game of speed and knowledge of the terrain. If you're holding the briefcase, you're scoring points, but you're also telegraphing your location to the enemy. However, having held the briefcase briefly (no pun intended) isn't enough, as only the top three players will be getting any rewards once the event is over.

As everyone will know where you are as long as you hold the briefcase, opting for a quick vehicle is smart. You can also choose to buddy up with a friend to protect you, and then share the winnings afterwards.

Kill List


In Kill List, and its competitive version, you'll be going against an endless stream of Merryweather mercenaries hell bent on making you not live anymore. You, and up to three other players will be tricked out with some seriously heavy weaponry to face off the private military contractor, so remember to make use of it, and make sure that every weapon on your vehicle is manned. Considering Merryweather will also be packing a serious punch, stay on the move to avoid becoming a sitting duck.

Penned In

Penned In will see players attempt to stay inside an ever moving and constantly shrinking dome. Watch out though, as with space running out, the other players will try and knock you out of the field. Avoid aerial vehicles and try to stay as close to the epicenter as possible, and weigh the maneuverability of bikes and the brawn of trucks. The first few seconds are most critical, so make sure you're on point when the event starts.


Dead Drop

Dead Drop is a game of delivery, however there are multiple players and just one item to deliver, and you only gain points if you're the one to drop off the item, or if you eliminate the carrier. Team work is essential in this event, so you need a trustworthy friend to cover you and share the spoils later. If you're carrying, make sure you're never surrounded and always on the move.


Checkpoints is fairly simple. There are spots marked on the map. Go there. Simple as that. Choice of vehicle is crucial here as well, and you'll need to know your way around the map.


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