Freemode Events Exploit Opens Hacking Floodgates

The days of non-intrusive anti-cheating measures on PC were short lived. By now we all know how Rockstar went medieval on cheaters and modders in GTA Online with the 1.27 and 1.28 updates, which first only broke mods, then broke the whole game. This was in retaliation to rampant assholery on the GTA Online servers.

Then after the 1.28 framerate debacle Rockstar revisited their anti-cheating methods and devised a new system that will track these kind of players more efficiently than any before. The system would also allow for uninterrupted modding in singleplayer, but most importantly wouldn’t entirely butcher the game’s performance by sending official scripts into a labyrinth.


Patch 1.29, alongside bug fixes and Freemode Events, introduced a new anti-cheat system which included hundreds of hidden stats to track all in-game player actions, movements, variables and acquisitions. Everything you do or happens to you is examined (by an automated system, mind, no need to get your privacy panties in a twist), and if any anomalous activity is detected, a more in-depth investigation is conducted.

Problem is, GTA Online is an online game, and online games suffer from millions of server issues. GTA Online has a reputation for being one of the most stable games, and Rockstar Games achieves this with an arsenal of serverside protocols, one of which is the creation of “temporary characters” in the case of high server load. These are clones of your real character, and when the session is over, any progression that affects you is stored. However absolutely no other information is tracked or stored and the character is immediately deleted when the said session ends. This means that temporary characters can cheat and hack completely undetected.


Well, someone found a PC exploit which allows you to create temporary characters manually, regardless of server load. This way you can log in with a temp, cheat and hack to your heart’s desire (you bastard!), log off before you’re caught, and live off the profits with no risk of discovery.

How do you think Rockstar will respond to this newest GTA Online exploit? And no, we’re not going to provide any information on how you might carry this type of cheat out. But we do suggest that if you see someone doing something dodgy in GTA Online and cheating like this, you report them!

Aron Gerencser
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