GTA Online Freemode Events Bug Removes Missions

We’ve been covering the new GTA Online Freemode Events update that came with the 1.29 patch extensively in the past days… The large number of missions and other content it adds to the game, as well as the numerous bug fixes it implements.

However, it seems that 1.29 didn’t only fix bugs, but introduce some new ones too. While more might be discovered in coming days, the new bug on everyone’s mind right now is the one that cut certain missions out of GTA Online, unintentionally.


Ironically, the affected missions are co-op jobs in GTA Online, just like the heaps of new missions that were recently added!

We have received reports of missing Contact Missions in GTA Online, and we are looking into this issue now. These Missions were not removed intentionally.

Currently, the competitive missions are fortunately unaffected, so if you are experiencing issues with accessing some co-op missions, you can kill time by shooting your fellow man while Rockstar is working on the follow-up GTA Online patch.

Rockstar has released a list of which GTA Online missions are affected by this bug:

  • Rooftop Rumble
  • Show Me the Money
  • A Titan of a Job
  • Hack and Dash
  • Lost My Mind
  • Out of Harmony
  • Chasers

Fortunately, while a few co-op missions were temporarily made inaccessible, the Freemode Events have added a wealth of new content to GTA Online, giving players more than enough things to do in-game while these missions are being fixed. Take note that this one bug doesn’t mean a trend however, as it is clear from the recently released 1.29 patch notes that the update solved countless others which have been plaguing the game for a great long while.

Have you guys discovered this bug, or are you busy with the new missions added in GTA Online Freemode Events?

Aron Gerencser
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  1. There’s a hell of a lot more missions missing then what’s up in the list plus the green ticks are missing from most of my coronas