GTA Online: No, Rockstar Didn't Take Back That Free 250K

Some of you may remember that some time ago, in celebration of GTA Online's third anniversary, Rockstar Games handed out a free bonus $250,000 each to all players who logged in within a given time-frame. Even if you don't, the seemingly infinite posts about it being removed will have reminded you.


Thing is, they didn't. Before you all go hating on Rockstar for lying and taking back the cash, go check your in-game bank accounts again. Oh, would you look at that? The cash isn't gone after all! So what happened? Granted, the cause of this whole thing is a rather... odd decision on Rockstar's part to use one notification message in GTA Online for two opposing transactions.


Wind back a few weeks. Recently, Rockstar cracked down hard on illegitimately acquired cash in GTA Online - meaning money acquired by way of hackers - by draining all of it, or an amount equal to it, from the in-game accounts of players. The move kicked up a bit of a storm, even though this is what most players were waiting for ever since the hacking problem got out of hand.


Basically, when the "Great Demoneying of 2016" hit, players were met with a notification screen upon logging in saying that "your bank account was corrected by -$amount". True enough, Rockstar mercilessly removed every illegitimate penny from the in-game wallets.

However, the guys over at Rockstar decided that the same message can be used for the very opposite purpose as well. I'm guessing whoever said "don't worry, it will be fine, the players can read after all, can't they?" is getting a lot of mean looks in the office now.

Several players have reported that upon receiving their bonus $250,000 upon logging in to GTA Online, denoted by a notification, they were instantly faced with another, stating that "your bank account has been corrected by $250,000". Obviously, instead of investigating, they hopped on the internet to complain.

Thing is, there is a very important difference between the two messages - namely, the "-". Now, I assume we all learned the difference between negative and positive in school, or figured it out ourselves, so I doubt I need to elaborate. Lacking the minus-sign, the second notification indicated that the accounts were corrected with an additional $250K.


Why on earth Rockstar didn't block the sending of the second notification, or even why they use the exact same wording for positive corrections is beyond us.

Were you among those who worried about losing their bonus GTA$?

Aron Gerencser
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