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GTA Online Fixers DLC Leaked


The world just doesn't go round without Grand Theft Auto Online leaks, does it? Even though allegedly upcoming content is getting delayed because Rockstar is reallocating resources to fix The Definitive Edition, details about the next big DLC are seeping out. Apparently, this is the project that Dr. Dre has been working on for Rockstar Games.

News of the artist working on GTA content broke a while ago, starting as a rumor until fellow musician Snoop Dogg confirmed it recently. Based on that info, the leaks about this so-called Fixers update do seem to be within the realm of possibility.

Coming from TezFunz2, one of the best known informants in the GTA community with years of correct leaks under their belt, a Tweet described some of the basics on what to expect. Interesting to note is that this is the same source that posted about the content delays, but if you consider the way the development pipeline works, it makes sense - Fixers was likely nearly finished when the controversy around the remasters blew up, so if true the reallocation will only affect content coming after it.

Fixers, as far as we know, is just a codename or some simple word used to refer to the officially unannounced and possible untitled DLC. Fans who have been around longer will remember that leaker sources referred to Lowriders as "the Lamar update" for months, so this might be a similar situation. Usually Rockstar likes DLC titles with a bit more flair, but not always, so we'll just have to wait and see.

According to what was shared in the Tweet - and remember, despite the consistently legit track record always take leaks with a pinch of salt or more - the upcoming DLC is following the tried and true formula of giving players a new legitimate business to run as a front for more typical GTA-style illicit activities.

Apparently we'll be teaming up with Dr. Dre, returning from Cayo Perico and reprising his role as himself, to launch a new music production company in Los Santos. While this company will actually make music under the guidance of the good doctor, we'll be using it as a cover for all sorts of under-the-table contract based work for prominent members of the city's underground.

It sounds a tiny bit like a rehash of After Hours, except instead of playing music in a night club you're making music in a studio (and probably without the fancy warehouse underneath). However, recently Rockstar Games has been striking all sorts of partnership deals with musicians and record labels, the results of which have permeated recent updates with real-world DJs appearing in-game and even premiering their new songs virtually in Los Santos.


Based on all of these partnerships, players can expect the whole music industry theme to be a persistent one in GTA Online's future. "Music-centered" is how TezFunz2 put it, and this is likely a good way to describe a lot of the upcoming content in the game's next few months or years.

Now, seeing as we've only a few days of November to go and Rockstar Games loves ending years on a high note, official news on Fixers - or whatever it will be called - might drop soon. Even though the devs love keeping announcements close to release dates, we're rapidly running out of 2021. The news might become official as early as next week, but only time will tell.

As for the on-going musical streak, we wouldn't be surprised if soon our characters will be involved with tours and concert gigs as much as they are involved with daring heists. For now though, our immediate outlook seems to be a studio of our own. Stay tuned for more on Fixers.


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