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GTA Online Finders Keepers - All Gang Vehicle Locations Guide

Rockstar Games has added a ton of content with the San Andreas Mercenaries update. The update features a six-mission story and more. However, the fun doesn't just stop there.

Rockstar has introduced a new random event called Finders Keepers that allows players to fill 100% of their business supplies by completing this random event. Interestingly, the random event originally replenished only 40% of the business supplies. But after the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC update, it replenishes 100% of the business supplies.

During the event, players will find different convoys from different gangs transporting their goods. You must disrupt the convoys and return their goods to your businesses to replenish 100% of your supplies.

Like any other random event, the event is indicated by a blue dot that spawns on your map. The event can occur in seven different possible locations.

Once the player finds a vehicle, they must eliminate the gang members inside the vehicle, lose the cops and deliver the vehicle to their businesses to replenish their business supplies. The location varies depending on what random gang vehicle event triggers for you.

Seven different businesses are involved in this random event, and you can replenish any of their supplies, given you own the business. The businesses involved are as follows:

  • Acid Lab
  • Bunker
  • Cocaine
  • Counterfeit Cash
  • Document Forgery
  • Meth
  • Weed

If you do not own a business the stolen gang supply vehicle pertains to, you will be asked to deliver the vehicle to a drop-off point for $25,000 and 1,000 RP.

The event can spawn in any session type. However, it can only spawn once a player has spent over 16 minutes from the moment of joining the session.

Another important thing to note is that each location has a unique vehicle type and business type you're stealing the supplies for. While the vehicle type spawning in all these locations is always the same, their spawn order is completely random.

The best thing to do is to NOT actively look for this random event as it can take hours for it to finally trigger. It is recommended that you play the game as you normally would, and wait for it to happen randomly, as intended.

Regardless, the following are the seven possible spawn locations with their associated vehicle and business type.

La Mesa

Business Type: Weed Farm Supplies
Vehicle Type: Landstalker XL

Los Santos International Airport

Business Type: Bunker Supplies
Vehicle Type: Vetir

Vinewood Hills

Business Type: Coke Lockup Supplies
Vehicle Type: Caracara 4x4

Del Perro

Business Type: Document Forgery Office Supplies
Vehicle Type: Patriot

Little Seoul

Business Type: Counterfeit Cash Factory Supplies
Vehicle Type: Dubsta


Business Type: Acid Supplies
Vehicle Type: Paradise

Paleto Bay

Business Type: Meth Lab Supplies
Vehicle Type: Gang Burrito


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  1. This will be helpful for hunting down a few vehicles I had my eye on for awhile. It is so hard to find some of them. Idk if it is the spawning being an issue or what.

  2. I found another guide for this and it suuucked! It was hard to follow the way they had it formatted. Booking making this one right now to put with all my other guides. Thanks BOOM!

  3. Perfect timing! A few friends and I are hunting down some gang vehicles this weekend. I will be sure to use this guide.

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