GTA Online Finance And Felony Tips

GTA Online's first major DLC of the year was released yesterday, adding tons of new content to the game. Further Adventures in Finance and Felony has added several vehicles, clothes, VIP jobs, challenges and most importantly the all new black market mechanic.

The main attraction in this DLC is becoming a CEO of your own criminal organisation which deals in the buying and selling of contraband goods. You'll need to get yourself a corporate HQ and some warehouses before you can start delivering. The new mechanic offers players a new way to get rich when done right.

Rockstar hasn't released a lot of new content this year before yesterday. Nothing but a handful of cars and a few Adversary Modes were added to GTA Online throughout the first half of 2016 - and the community made note of that, quite vocally.



However now that Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is out, the DLC has gotten a... mixed reception, to say the least. A few underlying problems that have been present in the game for a while make profiting from deliveries particularly difficult and many players are disappointed due to the high investment and low immediate reward.

Many of the issues players are experiencing can easily be avoided, however. We've scoured the various GTA Online related Subreddits to find out which are the most common gripes players have and complied a list of suggestions to help you not only enjoy the new DLC, but to turn a profit too.

Problem: Jet Griefers Are Blowing Up My Crates


Jet griefers have been an issue in GTA Online for a while now. We've already put together a guide to dealing with them under normal circumstances, but since you can't go passive as a CEO, a different approach is necessary.

Since you unfortunately cannot do any black market missions in private lobbies - which, we admit, is a fault of the DLC - you can hop through lobbies until you encounter one with no asshole players around. Trust us, these are more frequent than most online forums would have you believe. Alternatively, have one of your associates hop into a Hydra of their own and grief the assholes right back.

Problem: My Associates Are Getting Bad Pay


This is probably Rockstar's satire at work here. In the real world, more often than not the bosses of companies - be they legal or otherwise - keep the winnings for themselves and only pay their employees pebbles. Unfortunately, players cannot alter the payment ratio for Associates.

The solution? Rotate who is the CEO at regular intervals, either defined by time or money earned. Your organisation will remain unchanged and you can always switch back. This will result in fair payouts.

Problem: I Blew 15+ Million On New Content And Didn’t Turn A Profit In A Day


This one is the easiest to solve: check your expectations. You think starting up a company in the real world, which requires a massive investment, will make the entrepreneur rich the next day? Usually it takes years for new companies to make the founder even a cent of profit.

Firstly, there is literally no need to buy the most expensive of anything in the update. Start with the 1 Million office, a small or medium warehouse and small batches of goods. It's a small investment of around 2 Million or so and you'll make it back after a few hours of honest work. Once you start working yourself up the ladder, increasing your warehouse size and stock value, the money will start adding up leaving you with way more cash than what you invested.

If you have any suggestions other than these, or solutions to gripes not mentioned above, feel free to share in the comments!

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