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GTA Online : Fighting Cheats With Cheats


Well this is an odd story. We all know the kind of fanaticism with which Rockstar is eradicating all forms of cheating in GTA Online. They put cheaters in separate lobbies, put anti-modding measures in place even if it affects single player, tracking player activity with a special set of hidden stats, and relying on community reports. However, even so, a few specimens of that very special breed of imbeciles who enjoy not only ruining the game for themselves, but for everyone else as well slip through the cracks sometimes.

Unfortunately, the virtual watch dogs of Rockstar are not particularly discriminant, and a new method of avoiding the wrath of the ban hammer is on the rise. Some players use a variety of mods which takes effect thorough the character of another player. In the case of Rev Drucifer, a cheater infected his character with a condition in which he spewed cash from every virtual orifice.

I’m in a car with this guy and money bags start raining down. I realize my account is filling up fast, so I jump out of the car…money is shooting out of my character’s [backside]. I’m yelling on the mic for him to stop, [but] he’s not stopping then all of a sudden [he] starts killing everyone in the lobby over and over.

This griefer, as they are called, used one of the recent unholy trinity of GTA Online mods that are more difficult to track. Cheaters either use another character to spawn money, have money literally fall from the sky, or use weapons that fire money as opposed to bullets.

Now, obviously we're dealing with someone with absolutely no notion of how to be a decent human being here, so Drucifer could yell all he wanted, the guy would not stop. The end result was Drucifer being booted from the lobby and put into a Bad Sport lobby, which is where the misbehaving players are in detention for various amounts of time. But Drucifer's troubles did not end here.

The Bad Sport lobby's timer is notoriously glitchy, and fixing a feature used to punish rowdy players isn't high on Rockstar's priority list, understandably. Drucifer's timer kept growing as time passed as opposed to counting down, and after he contacted Rockstar support, they said they can't help him.

In a last ditch effort, Drucifer sought out a modder to help him.

I shot him a message telling him the situation. He said he’d give it a try but didn’t promise anything. Fifteen minutes later, I was out of Bad Sport.

Granted, we have our happy ending, but the griefer is still out there causing trouble. It seems modding GTA Online isn't all bad, though.

How do you guys react when you run into a cheater in online multiplayer?


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