GTA Online Festive Surprise’s First Content Update

Just as Rockstar promised, the Festive Surprise DLC for GTA Online will be expanded as the holiday progresses. Following its launch two days past, the Christmas DLC has gotten its first new wave of content (as well as a new Adversary mode) and it’s safe to say that Christmas has arrived to GTA Online.

A rare sight in Los Santos, snow has covered the world of GTA V, adding to the festive atmosphere, and Santa has brought some presents to the players too. Let’s take a look at how the denizens of Blaine County celebrate the holidays.


First up, we have a returning feature from last year’s Christmas DLC, which also happens to be something that has not occurred in GTA Online since said event. Snow has fallen across Los Santos and the surrounding areas, blanketing the map with a pristine sheet of soft white powder. Players can collect up to 9 snowballs at any time (how this is physically possible is beyond us. Have you ever tried holding more than three?), with which to rain snowy terror upon your enemies and friends in Freemode. Strap on your newest Festive outfits added in the update, and hit the slopes!

If you’re looking for something a tad more explosive than mere snowballs, you’ll be glad to find the Fireworks Launcher in your inventory as well as a nice supply of rockets to fill it with. Shooting off these will blanket GTA Online in a light show worthy of the holidays.


Wait, there is more! The pre-launch leak revealed that the Festive Surprise DLC will also be adding a new vehicle to GTA Online – permanently. The Tampa muscle car, featured in GTA San Andreas and the Ballad of Gay Tony is making an appearance in Online, and is a great addition to any garage.

Which new feature of the Festive Surprise do you enjoy the most?

Trevor Phillips
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