GTA Online Executives DLC Cars Added To Single Player

The turnaround time between GTA 5 DLC being released and modders then porting the content over to single player is getting shorter and shorter.

While it was recently discovered and 99% proven that there is single player DLC on the way for GTA V, it still ain't here, and chances are that it won't bring over all the new content that GTA Online has received over the months. This includes new side mission, vehicles, weapons and so forth.



However, if you're playing on PC, prefer to play alone, and want some of that DLC goodness GTA Online is being showered with, you're in luck.

The modding community, while ever producing original new content, is also restlessly converting GTA Online exclusive features and vehicles to be used by Franklin, Trevor and Michael in single player.

The most recent (major - there is the Festive Surprise which came out after) DLC is the Executives and Other Criminals update, which brought a massive amount of new content to GTA Online, including an all new VIP and bodyguard system. However, it also added some sweet new rides to the game as well, rides which any solo player would love to use in story mode.


Well, modder JohnMc has come to the rescue and released the first part of the Add-On Car Pack from DLC "Executives and Other Criminals", including the Mamba, Nightshade, Verlierer and the SuperVolito Carbon helicopter. They can only be spawned in with the use of the trainer, mind you, as the modder hasn't quite gotten the DLC vehicle to work with Los Santos Customs - but someone else out there is undoubtedly working on that.

You can expect all the other vehicles, and even the two weapons, to make an appearance in the following parts of this mod, which would complete the porting of the Executives and Other Criminals content to single player. What other features of GTA Online would you like to see appear in single player?

Aron Gerencser
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