GTA Online Executives Bonus Week Kicked Off

Let it not be said that Rockstar skimps on special events for GTA Online.

So soon after a weekend event to celebrate the new Adversary Mode as well as the expansion of Benny’s Original Motorworks, Rockstar has just announced a rather large event which has begun in GTA Online. For a game known for its high prices and slow cash earning, these events are a great chance for players to add several digits to their bank accounts – and for the game’s active user count to spike.


The recently released (and massive) Executives and Other Criminals DLC is all about big things. Big changes, big file size, big money, big guns and big boats. As such it is fitting that this is one of the biggest week long event GTA Online has seen.

As is VIP and Bodyguard missions weren’t lucrative enough already, all of them yield double the cash and RP while the event lasts. Considering that one of the best money earning tactics involved VIP missions, this is the best chance you’ll get to make some serious cash.

Accessing those lucrative missions is easier too. During the event the price of becoming a VIP is halved. Now all you need is to have 500,000 GTA$ to become an Executive as opposed to the regular million.


If you tire of the VIP missions, you can switch over to the double cash payout playlist featuring the two new Adversary Modes, Extraction and Drop Zone. Only on the 6th and 7th Running Back is also added to the roster of modes paying twice as much.

What event would be complete without discounts? The price of all the new DLC cars and helicopters is reduced by 25%, as is the price the Gold Luxor and Swift. Robes and Smoking Jackets have their price halved, while all boats and yacht customizations get a 10% discount.

Which part of this GTA Online event do you anticipate the most?

Aron Gerencser
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