Trailer Analysis: GTA Online Executives And Other Criminals

The next big GTA Online update, Executives and Other Criminals, is soon launching and Rockstar is slowly revealing all the features the DLC will contain. However, since this is the GTA community we are speaking of, people obviously aren’t content with waiting less than a week, with an intermittent gradual trickle of details flowing. Some GTA V fans out there picked the new DLC’s trailer apart frame by frame, and here’s what they discovered.

hotel hotel2

First up, the trailer features two hotels, the Gentry Manor and the Von Crastenburg. Hotels, until now, had no gameplay role in GTA Online. However with two of them getting such attention, chances are they will be more than mere set pieces. Speculation suggests that either they will work as temporary properties where you need to pay by the night, or you can own them and gain income from the guests.


One frame of the trailer confirms that the flare gun will make a return. Possibly as a way to signal your bodyguards?


The DLC will also be adding some new luxurious properties to the Vinewood Hills, giving players the chance to buy manors, mansions and villas… provided they have the dough of course (see our previous warning in this regard). These properties will be among the largest the game has seen, with some being at least three stories high.

car gown

Executives will also be adding some new vehicles, which, based on a shot from the trailer, will be customizable to a greater extent than non-Lowrider vehicles were up to this point. However it is unlikely that they will feature as many options as the Lowriders themselves. There will also be some new clothing items added to the game, enabling players to capture that true VIP look with complete elegance.

Which aspect of the next big GTA Online DLC, Executives and Other Criminals, are you looking forward to the most?

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