GTA Online's Executive Event Week Announced

Now that the weekly DLC release buzz surrounding Cunning Stunts, the Stunt Race Creator and the two intermittent small-updates, things are settling down around GTA Online. While there are rumors floating around about a Biker DLC on the way, there is no official news of such an update, so for all we know, things will be quiet for the next few weeks.

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Quiet, but not silent. Even when there is no DLC being released, Rockstar makes sure to keep GTA Online interesting. This is usually done through the organisation of week-long events. These events have specific themes, which typically dictate which missions provide double RP and cash, as well as what items and vehicles are discounted.


Events always have a standard formula: there is always an event playlist offering double payouts of RP and GTA $; a number of discounter character customization items; a number of discounted vehicles and finally, though this isn't always present, some kind of limited clothing that is unlocked simply by logging in.


This week's Executive Protection Bonuses event decides to skip the last part of the typical formula, and instead throw in a new Premium Race instead, which will probably become a new trend, seeing as these particular jobs are changed cyclically.

Lasting through the 18th of August, the theme of this event will be the protection of VIPs and CEOs. Associates and Bodyguards, who are something of the unsung heroes of GTA Online, will take the spotlight. Game modes focused on the day jobs of these corporate footsoldiers have been given the double rewards treatment.


Three Adversary Modes with an "assassin team vs. bodyguards and target team" thing going on - specifically Extraction, Hunting Pack and Entourage - will be paying out double RP and GTA $ while the event lasts. Keep in mind that specifically joining one of these Modes won't provide the bonuses, only if joined through the Event Playlist option, or the all new Adversary Mode blip.

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The above mentioned blip was recently added to GTA Online as a "I'm feeling lucky" shortcut to Adversary Modes. Using the blip will land you in a random running Mode with a high number of players to ensure you don't have to dally in a lobby waiting for players. While the event lasts, this blip will drop players into the playlist Modes in order to easily reap the benefits.


But those aren't the only double reward missions this time around. While these won't make you rich quicker, the double RP bonus has been slapped on all VIP work and challenges. This benefits both the VIPs/CEOs and their Bodyguards, allowing them to climb the ranks faster. Whenever you feel like you need help ranking up without the use of a double RP promo, refer to our RP guide for some tips.

Further Adventures in Finance and Felony is the name of the game when it comes to discounts during this event, though that should come as little surprise with the whole bodyguard theme going on. All character customization items from the update on cost half price, as do Executive Offices, which are required to run black market missions.


Tricking out your office with decor or functionalities like lodgings and a gun locker will also be cheaper thanks to a 25% discount, while the services lent by your executive assistant are also 50% off. The gun locker especially is a worthy investment, as it is the sole solution to GTA Online's weapon management problem.

The vehicles on offer during this event are also running in the executive theme. The Pegassi Reaper, added to GTA Online with the Finance and Felony update, is now 50% off, as is the Buzzard Attack Chopper, because sometimes you absolutely, positively, completely must have someone very dead.


The newest Premium Race has also been revealed. For the next week, the Vespucci Stunt Race will act as the course of the pros and the brave. Premium Races require entrants to pay a fee of 20K, with only the first three finishers getting any cash. Third place wins back their 20k, third makes a small profit with a reward of 30K while first place wins big with 100k.

Which part of this newest GTA Online event most appeals to you?


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