GTA Online’s Next Event Leaked… By Rockstar?

While getting your tightly held secrets spilled by tech-savvy fans digging through your game files is extremely bothersome, it is also inevitable. Letting something slip on your own however must be a tad embarrassing.

With the week-long GTA Online event celebrating the recent release of Lowriders: Custom Classics having ended yesterday, we can expect the next event to be announced soon, seeing as in recent months Rockstar has been holding these things back to back.


However the focus of the next event may have been spoiled ahead of schedule – and no data-miners were involved this time around. Knowing how running online games works, one will also know that even minute changes like an event in GTA Online needs to be properly set up behind the scenes and much of the data is pre-loaded secretly well in advance.

In such a case the pre-loaded data has the possibility of popping up in the live version due to bugs or human error. That is what seemingly happened in this case, where a PS4 user reported on some strange, unannounced changes having been made to GTA Online.

Reddit user and GTA V fan Clipper_Murray posted that he witnessed all visual and performance upgrades at Los Santos Customs being discounted suddenly and that his character received an exclusive shirt with the caption “The Shoulders Of Orion II”.


Then, almost as suddenly as all of this appeared, it all disappeared. The discounts were gone and another player reported that one of their characters also got the shirt, but logging on with another sometime later didn’t receive it. It seems that Rockstar discovered the mistake and quickly tried to stuff the cat back into the bag, so to say.

Rockstar’s recent habit of increasing the frequency of DLC releases, but making the updates smaller and padding out the time in between with events running back-to-back, has players wondering whether or not they’re building up to something. If leaks are to be believed, April will mark the start of a weekly content release schedule.

This kind of slow drip-feeding may be Rockstar’s way of both mounting the anticipation and trying to keep the community busy while its developing the next major update for the game. We might need to wait until this year’s E3 to find out what that major update actually is – could it be single player DLC?

What other promos do you hope the next GTA Online event will contain?

Aron Gerencser
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