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GTA Online Event Focuses On Fliers

Seeing as it's Red Dead week, it's also understandable that Grand Theft Auto Online is taking the back seat for a bit, with this week's event not containing any new content at all.

No drip-feed vehicles, no remixed Adversary Modes. It does, however, include great discounts and a few ways to make some extra cash, so while you're waiting for Red Dead Redemption 2, there could be worse ways to pass the time.

This week's double RP and GTA$ promotions extend to Smuggler's Run sell missions, the Dogfight Adversary Mode as well as the Client Jobs accessible from your Terrorbyte. It's the sell missions that are the most profitable here, though a quick Client Job here and there won't hurt. The Dogfight Adversary Mode wasn't one of the best received, though the promotion should pump up the population a bit.

Running in the vein of this week's subtle Smuggler's Run theme, all Hangars and Hangar Workshops are 35% off, alongside Import/Export Vehicle Warehouses and a wide selection of aircraft. These include the Volatol, Nagasaki Ultralight, Western Rogue, LF-22 Starling, PF-45 Nokota, Buckingham Pyro, Mammoth Mogul and Mammoth Tula. The clumsy but loveable Blimp is also discounted by 35%.

Those scared of heights aren't being left out either, with six ground vehicles being discounted by 30%. These are the Dinka Jester Classic, the Pegassi Reaper, the HVY Menacer, the Progen T20, the Declasse Scramjet and the Karin Sultan RS. The Sultan RS was once the fastest car in the game, and the Scramjet is a recent addition taking inspiration from Speed Racer.

Rockstar is also keen to remind players that the Red Dead Redemption 2 cross-promo deal is still on. By completing the gold plated Double-Action Revolver or Stone Hatchet challenges, you can earn up to GTA$ 1,000,000 in bonus rewards.

Completing the challenges gets you $250,000 each, with another $250,000 per challenge being added to that next week.

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