GTA Online Event Extends Bonuses And Brings Guest List Rewards

This week's Grand Theft Auto Online event is bringing back a bunch of bonuses from the past two weeks, extending these highly lucrative opportunities and discounts into the game's various businesses.


The Guest List rewards leading up to the nightclub-themed DLC that is coming soon are also on the roll with a new batch out today.

Many of the activities included in this week's bonus promotions are the same as before, just with slight changes. Smuggler's Run sell missions reward players with double RP and GTA$, while you can earn an extra 25% with Bikers Business sell missions.


Additionally, supplies for the Bikers Businesses and Special Cargo are 25% off, increasing your profit in these missions by lowering the investment but keeping rewards the same.

Keeping in line with the double payouts bringing focus to Smuggler's Run content, Hangars and the custom shop add-on are 40% discounts on business properties. By owning a hangar, you gain access to those sell missions which give you double rewards.

To complement your new garage space, a wide selection of aircraft are also discounted by 40%, including the Nagasaki Ultralight, Nagasaki Havok, LF-22 Starling, Mammoth Mogul, Mammoth Tula, RM-10 Bombushka, P-45 Nokota, Buckingham Pyro and Buckingham Howard NX-25.

A trio of cars is also discounted if you prefer to stick to solid ground. The Coil Cyclone, Vapid Retinue and Grotti Visione are all 30% off. A wide selection of upgrades and character customization items have been discounted by 25%. Most of these focus on aircraft, like countermeasures and aircraft weapons, while cars also get some attention with discounts on brakes and armor. Liveries are 40% off.

The Guest List, which leads into the highly anticipated nightclub DLC, has entered its next phase with eligible players receiving a Pink Wireframe Bodysuit and a free cash drop of GTA$ 100,000. Considering the current in-game economy and the previous Guest List rewards, that 100,000 isn't much - but hey, free money, right?

Keep an eye out for further news about the upcoming DLC, which will be the biggest GTA Online gets this year so far.

Matt Gibbs

Matt first came across the Grand Theft Auto series when he rented GTA III from his local video store, and it's been an obsession since. After playing through every GTA game since then, he decided to start GTA BOOM (initially in preparation for the launch of GTA V and as a way to document the hype, news and rumors about the then upcoming game. When Matt isn’t editing the content on GTA Boom, you’ll find him working on the server or making other improvements to the site, helping to update our library of guides and make them more useful for readers. Find Matt on LinkedIn or Twitter.