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The GTA Online Equivalent of "Hello" is a Bullet to the Face


GTA Online, on public lobbies anyway, is a criminal-eat-criminal world. You either kill or get killed, you just need to land the first shot.

At least, most players think this way. It seems online multiplayer generally brings out the worst in people, turning the most gentle of middle class working people into mindless virtual killers. Most people keep to private lobbies, playing just with their friends, because that way they know that some trigger-happy player won't just pop out of nowhere and blow them up for laughs.

But then this is GTA we are talking about. Maybe killing your fellow player in increasingly creative, spontaneous or gruesome ways is the preferred method of socialization in Los Santos.

Well, one team of Youtube comedias decided to put the players of GTA Online to the test, of the social kind. ComedyKnife's character would go up to 100 players of GTA Online on a public server, and say hello.

That's it. They would slowly walk up to (well, at first), and greet, their fellow man. The standard reaction?

An X* to the face.

Almost everyone responded by killing ComedyKnife, and the few who didn't said that most people would just attack as a knee-jerk reaction. Obviously, the one who didn't immediately reach for a weapon just had to be Canadian.

The results of the experiment would lead one to wonder. Maybe the world of GTA V has a different language than the real world, and maybe, in the virtual city of Los Santos, getting shot in the face is a polite way of greeting other players? In this foreign land of strange customs, this may well be tradition. Hell, if we consider "the bigger the weapon, the more respectful the greeting", that guy in the tank was practically bowing in honor.

How would you respond to a stranger greeting you in GTA Online?

* Replace "X" with one of your choosing: A) Fist B) Bullet C) Vehicle D) Missile


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