Why GTA Online Skipped Easter DLC

Rockstar often releases smaller DLC packs to commemorate various celebrations, holidays or events within GTA Online. Last year saw a pretty significant Halloween DLC with plenty of items and a new Adversary Mode, while Christmas, Independence Day and Valentine’s day all have a running tradition of getting smaller content updates and related events.


However, Easter was never among these and that didn’t change this year. Many people expected – or wished for, at the very least – that Rockstar would grab the opportunity and add Easter to the list of holidays celebrated in GTA Online. Considering their recent obsession with Adversary Modes, creating an Easter themed one based on an egg-hunt wouldn’t have been too difficult.

Such a mode, complemented with a few customization options and items like a bunny mask and suit, thematic vehicle paint-jobs and some outlandish weapon like a massive carrot for melee and voila. Toss in a double RP and GTA $ event for the weekend and you’re all set.


But why didn’t they go for it? Well, even such a small-scale DLC takes quite some setting up. Plus, if certain leaks are to be believed, the development pipeline is probably chock-full as it is. Easter isn’t considered to be a particularly significant event – even Steam skipped hosting an Easter sale this year – and thus putting the effort into a thematic DLC may not have seemed to be worth it.

Many people assume Rockstar is just sitting on its breeches ever since GTA V launched, as most of the DLCs don’t seem to be such massive projects. However keep in mind that handling the maintenance of the massive beast that is GTA Online is no small task.

Add to that, based on new reports Rockstar has been developing the next installment of the GTA franchise for some time now, not to mention that Take-Two’s “major presence” at E3 this year probably means we’re getting some announcements from Rockstar.

Not that kinds of Easter egg
Not that kinds of Easter egg

Thus, it isn’t all that surprising that we didn’t get a bunny suit for our GTA Online characters to hide sticky-bomb shaped Easter Eggs with under the cars of out opponents in. Even so, we don’t have to fear for not getting any new content, as some sports related Adversary Modes and new lowriders are well on their way. Hopefully the fan theory that all of this is leading up to significant GTA Online content soon turns out to be true.

Would you have enjoyed a GTA Online Easter DLC, or are you anticipating some bigger update?

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