GTA Online Drop Zone Outfit Saving Glitch

There are quite a few game modes in GTA Online which include unique outfits that cannot be worn outside of that particular mode. People naturally want to find ways to wear these outfits anytime, because they're people and they're outfits. It's basic psychology. Rarely will a gamer be at all interested in going shopping in the real world, however if we're talking about in-game outfits, we're worse than rich bored wives.


The recently released Drop Zone Adversary Mode features some rather spiffy paratrooper outfits - that you'll never see outside of the mode if Rockstar had their way. Luckily the GTA Online community is an industrious bunch and many players dedicate their game time to finding the holes in the system. Various glitches are constantly discovered, like the recent one enabling you to reset the VIP timer.


These aren't hacks or mods but rather glitches which are present in the game by default. They are programming errors that can be exploited. One of these exists to enable saving the paratrooper outfit.

All you need do is play through a match of Drop Zone and wait at the vote screen. Before the screen disappears, you should quickly join a friend in a race lobby - if you happen to load into yet another voting screen here, do not vote or press anything. Once the screen is gone, spam the A button on an Xbox controller, X on the PlayStation or the equivalent on whatever you have it bound to on PC. Once in the lobby just go out into freemode or join a new session.

You should still be wearing the Drop Zone paratrooper outfit, and you can now save it for later use. The glitch has been confirmed to work if you join a friend in Criminal Records, though other races work too.

Aron Gerencser
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