GTA Online Double Rewards Weekend Event Announced

After Rockstar's little tease at the end of the previous announcement this weekend event really shouldn't be a surprise to any of us. To commemorate the launch of the new Adversary Mode called Drop Zone and the addition of the Sultan and Banshee to Benny's Original Motorworks, Rockstar has doubled the payouts and RP rewards of various jobs, and slapped some discounts on related items.

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All the way until midnight tomorrow players have the chance to rack up some serious cash and RP in GTA Online. All Adversary Modes, including the all new Drop Zone, will net you 2 times the regular rewards. Drop Zone sees players jump out of a plane and parachute into an area which they need to dominate for two minutes while enemy teams crack down on them.

Rockstar has also added a new GTA Online playlist for the weekend, awarding anyone who completes it with sticky bombs, grenades and ammo. To further entice players to upgrade the Sultan and Banshee with the new options, Rockstar has also made all Races pay out double cash and RP while the event lasts.



To help you dominate the new Adversary Mode, Rockstar is cutting prices on all the gear you'll need to make a safe landing. All the essential paratrooper gear is available at 50% off. You can get parachutes, parachute smoke, parachute bags and bulletproof helmets at half price while the event lasts.

If you don't have the necessary garage space to house one of the two new four wheeled beauties you can always buy more garages, right? Rockstar made this easy too, taking 25% off the price of all garage properties in GTA Online until the last minute of Sunday is up.


Rockstar also hosted a livestream event showing off the two new rides with a few guest players from the community.

Which part of this GTA Online weekend event are you most excited for?

Aron Gerencser
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