GTA Online Discounts And Double GTA$

Rockstar is extending the weekend’s double RP and GTA$ event for Adversary Modes, as well as discounting items which can be bought from Docktease. Before you get your hopes up, the luxury yachts added in the recent update are still full price, and they’re damn expensive.

Last weekend, Rockstar announced a weekend of double RP and GTA$ on all Adversary Modes to celebrate the release of the new Every Bullet Counts PvP mode. Another reason behind the event was to give players a chance to rack up some cash in anticipation of the Executives and Other Criminals DLC which was released soon after.

There is a full playlist cycling through all available Adversary Modes on loop to make it easier for players to rack up the rewards. The event was supposed to end on Sunday, the 13th, however the double rewards are still being handed out on the playlist.


As for the discounts, all vehicles that you can purchase from Docktease, sans the new gargantuan yacht-properties, get some significant discounts to help players expand their personal navy. The Lampadati Toro speedboat is now available for 1.3 million as opposed to 1.75 million,  the Kraken sub has been discounted from 1.3 million to 1 million, and the list goes on.

Considering some new game modes added in the DLC are focused on sea battles, stocking up on some aquatic rides would seem prudent for players seeking to make the most of the new Bodyguard mechanic.


The new mission types in Executives and Other Criminals seem like a great source of income, so getting some ships is a worthy investment on the road to the yacht. That, coupled with the double cash event, means Rockstar has given players all the tools they should need to save up for the luxurious ships.

How close are you to buying your yacht in GTA Online?

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