GTA Online Desperately Needs Better Weapon Management

Weapon wheels have become extremely widespread in all kinds of games in recent years. They have become a staple of AAA action titles, however can be discovered in indie productions too. Be it a shooter, an RPG, or and Action Adventure game; top down, first person or third person; sci-fi, modern day or fantasy; the weapon wheel is everywhere. It is an easy, neat and elegant solution for equipment selection. The weapon wheel also happens to be GTA V's system of choice.


You'd think that after all these years something as simple as a round thing with weapon options on it has been perfected. GTA V is here to prove you wrong. Despite getting so many things right, Rockstar managed to get it wrong with this particular aspect. You might call this nitpicking but anyone who has played GTA Online to the point where they've unlocked most weapons know that this is a serious issue.


The weapon wheel in GTA Online is kinda crap. Not only is hauling literally your entire arsenal around with you incredibly unrealistic, it is a pain in the ass to sort through it all. The weapon wheel is separated into eight sections, each representing one category. If you want to select a weapon within a category you'll need to cycle through all weapons in that category.

If you're in the middle of a freemode spat or taking part in an Adversary Mode which requires quick reactions to new situations, standing still to dig through your weapons is problematic.


An easy solution which would also force players to think ahead and pick their arsenal carefully would be to restrict players to carrying only one weapon from each category while out and about. All Rockstar needs to do is add a weapons locker to player apartments, and voila.

Has the GTA Online weapon wheel caused you guys any trouble in the past?

Aron Gerencser
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