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GTA Online Gets Declasse Vamos, Valentine's Day Bonuses

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays which, if you have a significant other, is spent nurturing and appreciating your relationship, or if you don't, spent in front of the screen trying to forget about it all until it's finally all over.

In-game Valentine's Day events don't do much to help with the whole "forget about it" part, but worry not - Rockstar places the emphasis on discounts in Grand Theft Auto Online - and you can always cry in your shiny new Declasse Vamos, right?

The new car joining GTA Online's already impressive list of vehicles is the Declasse Vamos. Some of you may remember that about a year ago just about every single weekly drip-feed car was some super-modern, futuristic concept hypercar with a 1,000,000 GTA$ pricetag - well, it seems that retro muscle cars with a 500,000 GTA$ price tag will be the new trend going forward.

The Vamos is, if the above line didn't tip you off, a retro muscle car that costs 596,000 GTA$. The Chevrolet design just screams at you the moment you look at the ride, and this time Rockstar chose to stick to one car design and modify it, instead of mashing together two. This not-Nova will be an instant success with all retro car collectors.

Continuing the car manufacturer logo t-shirt series, this week all players who log into GTA Online will unlock a Declasse Logo Tee for their characters. It will be added, for free, to your in-game wardrobe if you play the game anytime from now through the 20th of February.

If you're ready to get your hands dirty for some extra cash, all Gunrunning sell missions pay out double GTA$ and RP this week. Conducted from your bunker or Nightclub warehouse, these missions are among the more lucrative activities of GTA Online, so with the double payouts, you stand to make a killing.

Additionally, in the spirit of the holiday, many team-based Adversary Modes will also be paying out double rewards. These include Till Death Do Us Part - a mode added specifically for Valentine's Day in the past -, Hardest Target, Trap Door and Siege Mentality.

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that all of the Valentine's Day DLC content from the past is now on discount, with 30% off content such as the Albany Roosevelt, the Gusenberg Sweeper and all Valentine's Day clothing. There is also a universal 30% off all weapons available from Ammunation, so stock up.

With there being a double payout bonus on Gunrunning sell missions, this is the best time to hop into the business, and luckily for you Bunkers are also discounted by 40%. A bunch of other weaponized vehicles have also had their prices slashed, so if you need ordnance on the go, this is the best time to load up.


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