GTA Online Deathmatch and Race Creation Tools Coming


Rockstar Games has announced that free Deathmatch and Race Creation tools for GTA Online will be arriving this week.

The creation tool will launch in beta mode, and represents the first chance that gamers have to actually create their own content for GTA Online (as well as play content made by others). What the new feature also does is give you access to some of the very tools used by the developers of the game themselves and create gunfights, races, dogfights and more.

Once you’ve made your content, you can then publish it via the Rockstar Social Club. There other people can choose to play and also rate the job you created. So all those cool ideas that you’ve come up with while playing the vanilla version of GTA Online could potentially now be implemented… And you’ll get feedback from your fellow gamers.

The full list of GTA Online game modes that you will be able to create Jobs in respect of is:

  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Race
  • GTA Race
  • Rally Race

In addition, Rockstar has said it will review the content that us gamers create and then choose what it thinks are the best new creations and nominate them as “Rockstar Verified Jobs” – meaning you got the seal of approval from the big guys themselves!

The GTA Online Content Creation beta could become available as soon as tomorrow (but otherwise some time this week) and will of course be free of charge.

Rockstar also announced that its GTA version of capture the flag mode “Capture” will be introduced as a new game mode in GTA Online some time during the current month, and that Heists (for GTA Online) and Story Mode (for the single player mode of GTA V) updates will arrive during 2014.

Trevor Phillips
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