GTA Online’s Newest Fan-Jobs Focus On Custom Classics

Every now and then, Rockstar compiles a list of the best GTA Online custom jobs out there. Now, these usually aren’t random pickings of a few jobs the guys running the Newswire personally like – they often follow a specific theme, sometimes even announced ahead of time to allow the greatest job-crafters to make something specifically for the next list.

The most recent GTA Online DLC update which contained more than just a single car or Adversary Mode was Lowriders: Custom Classics back in March. This update not only added a whopping three cars and an Adversary Mode, but two new weapons as well alongside some character customization options.

This particular DLC is the theme of the newest list of custom jobs that Rockstar has endorsed on the Newswire. These missions have been designed specifically for the content released in that GTA Online update – not sure how exactly that works, but okay.

The Playstation 4 is getting a lot of love in this list, with the most jobs having been made for this platform.


PS4 players can engage in a hectic and challenging race – with a vehicle that isn’t quite suited to racing – on the Minivan Madness obstacle course. This race-track has some challenging twists, turns and jumps that you need to brave with your lumbering Custom Minivan.

Should this not be enough to scratch your racing itch, two other jobs should suffice. Dirty Lowriders is a particularly long lowrider-centric race which finishes in Grove Street, a pretty important location in the history of GTA. The Sabre Turbo Custom Island Cruise, on the other hand, is a tight and curvy circuit designed to push the greatest muscle car in the game to the limit.


If you prefer violence over racing, whip out your compact rifle and have a go at Dockside Donks. This deathmatch supplies players with both new weapons, as well as a few Donks and Custom Slamvans to ram your opponents to death.

Players on the Xbox One will also have their share of racing fun. The point-to-point land race called Virgo Cruise places the spotlight on the Custom Classic Virgo, taking the ride through a track littered with sharp turns. However, the last stretch of the race is a straight dash down the aptly named Power St.


Xbox One fans will need to take a chill pill, as their thirst for blood will go unsatisfied. The second and final endorsed job is another race, this time focusing on the uncrowned king of all lowriders: the Donk. Quite simply named “Faction Donk”, this race will have players navigate an urban labyrinth leading up to a conclusion inspired by real-life monster truck races.

Let’s not forget the good old PC. Members of the master race will be sent into a frenzy right off the bat with the deathmatch simply titled “War”. The job features excellent level design, as the creator has strategically augmented the industrial plant in the Grand Senora Desert with additional props to turn it into a perfect deathmatch map. Naturally, the weapons featured in the thematic GTA Online update are your main method of killing here.


Once you’ve gotten that out of your system, it’s time for a high-octane race. We often feature recreations in terms of fan-films on this site, however recreating a real-life race track in GTA Online is something new. Monaco Slamvan GP is a perfect replica of the track used in the Monaco Grand Prix – except you’re running it with Custom Slamvans this time around.

Have you created any custom GTA Online jobs to commemorate Lowriders: Custom Classics? If so, do share in the comments!

Aron Gerencser
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