GTA Online Custom Classics Event Announced

The moment the most recent GTA Online DLC, Lowriders: Custom Classics was announced, we knew that this would soon follow. Rockstar has officially announced the week-long event commemorating the release of the new update with special promos related to it. These events never fail to occur soon after the launch of a new DLC pack to give players even more incentive to log on and play.


The Custom Classics update introduces three new vehicles, the Slamvan, the Classic Virgo and the Donk, to Benny’s Original Motorworks, allowing players to upgrade and customize these vehicles extensively – if their wallet is thick enough, that is.

The mod also added a few new character customization items and two weapons to expand your arsenal with. On the gameplay side, it added a new Adversary Mode titled Sumo which pits players against one another within a small arena, tasked with knocking the enemy vehicles out of the marked area.

Based on this, you might guess that the weekend event will be running a double RP and GTA $ promo on that Adversary Mode. While that guess is right, there is more to the double cash payout promo this time around than just that.

Once the weekend is over, there will be a new kind of job offering twice the reward every day. The Sumo Adversary Mode pays double through Sunday, followed by Land Races on Monday; Keep the Pace on Tuesday; Relay on Wednesday and Offense Defense on Thursday. These can be accessed through the event playlist anytime. Note that joining any of these jobs on their respective days in any way other than the Event Playlist option won’t pay double RP and cash. You need to use the Event Playlist option.


With all the new rides being added to the game, along with all these opportunities to grab some serious cash, you’ll probably be looking to expand your fleet. However, this will require garages – more garages. Dynasty 8 is offering a solid 25% off discount on all of its properties with 10-slot garages while the event lasts. All you need to do is pull up the Dynasty 8 website on your in-game smartphone and pick your location.

The two new weapons, the Compact Rifle and the Double Barrel Shotgun are both neat pieces that will quickly become your friends in gunfights. You’ll probably be spewing a lot of lead during you play sessions, so while this event is active, all Rifle and Shotgun ammo in GTA Online will be available at half-price.


Both of these weapons are usable one-handed, thus ideal for firing while driving. If fancy lowriders aren’t your thing and you prefer leaving your enemy’s corpse in the dust with only two wheels beneath you, you’re in luck. Through the 24th, all motorcycles in the game are available at 25% off.

While cheaper bikes are cool, the lowriders are still in the spotlight. Getting your ride tricked out at Benny’s is something of an investment however, with fully updgraded rides costing upwards of a million. Luckily, Rockstar have placed discounts on some of Benny’s services. Bobbleheads, column shift levers and plagues are all 75% off while the event lasts. Everything else is full price though, so a fully upgraded Donk will still cost you.

Of course what would a full fledged weekend event commemorating a new piece of GTA Online DLC be without its own Snapmatic contest? The rules are the same as ever. Anyone can enter with as many images as they wish, the content should be related to the new DLC in some way and the winners will be taking home a prize of one million in GTA$.

Whether it is a stylish picture of one of the new lowriders, an action-shot of one of the new weapons being put to good use or some photos showing off the new character customization options added, any submission pertaining to Custom Classics is a potential winner. Pictures are worth a thousand words – and a million bucks in this case.


If you’re hurting for some physical goods so you can take your fandom of GTA V out into the street with you, worry not – Rockstar is giving away some merch on the Social Club in conjuncture with the event. On offer is a CD copy of The Alchemist and Oh No’s Welcome to Los Santos, a zippo lighter, key-chains, some air freshener (what?), two shirts and stickers. All this can be yours by checking out the Social Club Events Page.

As per tradition, Rockstar is also hosting a livestream event where employees along with guest players will be playing some of the new Adversary Mode, Sumo as well as show off the new content in action. They’re streaming on the official Rockstar Twitch channel, where you can re-watch it after the fact in case you miss it.

Which part of this new GTA Online week-long event are you most excited about?

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