GTA Online Contact Mission Turned Into Action Flick

The Rockstar Editor scene is now more active than ever, with newer and newer talent finding its way to the suite, thanks to its porting to the current gen consoles some time ago in the Freemode Events update. That said though, the majority of GTA V film makers still reside on the PC.

The update having launched along with the PC version of the game, the GTA community has had plenty of time to get acquainted with the Editor and videos are getting better and better literally every day. It isn’t just the veterans who produce quality flicks though, as newbies can also display surprising proficiency with the Editor.

GTA V fan and late Editor adopter Andre Walker has decided to jump right into the world of GTA V fan videos with a long (near 20 minute!) cinematic rendering of the Hit ‘Em Up contact missions given to the player by Gerald in GTA Online.


The video clocks in at 18:35, and features some great A-grade action shots. The creator says that this is his first try at using the Editor, and while it does show here and there that this isn’t the handiwork of someone more experienced, the video is very well edited.

The mission itself concerns four leading members of the Ballas gang, who need to be killed. However, you can’t just go about this guns blazing as they need to be taken out in a particular order, otherwise you’ll fail the mission.


The creator’s well placed use of the slow motion effect, the great angles and the filters all add to the atmosphere of the video. While the shaky camera effect is a little much, and can even cause slight queasiness, all other aspects of this video are spot on.

Have you just recently jumped into using GTA V’s video editor, or are you a veteran? Maybe you steer clear of it all together?

Aron Gerencser
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