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Best Auto Shop in Los Santos Tuners - Complete Setup Guide

In Los Santos Tuners you can partake in street racing events, car meetups, and a brand new club mechanic called the LS Car Meet, where car enthusiasts can show off their personalized vehicles and meet other like-minded individuals.

You can also become a member of the LS Car Meet for extra added benefits such as trade prices on vehicles, unlockable clothing and new car liveries. This guide walks you through the process of joining the LS Car Meets club and buying the all-new Auto Shop. You Auto Shop is your base of operations for carrying out the new contracts and Exotic Exports List runs (described below) that are also included as part of the DLC.

Feel free to check out our accompanying video guide to see the intro cutscenes.

Video Showcase

LS Car Meet

When you first launch the game after the update, you will get a message letting you know about the opening of LS Car Meet.

You will also receive a message from Mimi of LS Car Meet on your phone.

LS Car Meet is represented with an 'LS' icon on the map at Cypress Flats.

Make your way to the icon and enter the building via the shutter entrance.

As soon as you enter the building, you will be welcomed with a cutscene, followed by an introduction to Mimi and Hao.

After the cutscene ends, you can have a look around the car meet.

You can talk to Mimi and buy a membership at the LS Car Meet Club for GTA$50,000. Becoming a member gives you access to hundreds of unlockable clothing items, new race modes, new wheels, new liveries, and even trade prices, as mentioned previously.

Buying The Auto Shop

After visiting the LS Car Meet, you will be able to buy your very own Auto Shop via Maze Bank's Foreclosure website. Before you indulge in buying the best Auto Shop in the market though, know that all the Auto Shops hold the same interior.

The Auto Shops are represented by a wrench icon on the Maze Bank's Foreclosure website.

As for which Auto Shop is the best location-wise? That depends entirely on your operations and your gameplay. If your other businesses are closer by, then that will be the best Auto Shop for you.

There are a total of five Auto Shops to choose from, each having a different price. The cheapest Auto Shop costs $1,670,000 at Mission Row, and the most expensive one is at La Mesa, valued at a base price of $1,920,000. The Auto Shops with their respective locations are as follows:

Mission Row

The Auto Shop at Mission Row costs $1,670,000.


The Auto Shop at Strawberry costs $1,705,000.


The Auto Shop at Rancho costs $1,750,000.


The Auto Shop at Burton costs $1,830,000.

La Mesa

The Auto Shop at La Mesa costs $1,920,000.

Auto Shop Interior

Just like any other new building you buy, you can customize the interior of the Auto Shop. The interior decoration costs can cause the base price to go up by up to 2 million dollars. This is completely optional, and you can settle for the original base price of the Auto Shops stated above.

The following are the prices of the most expensive option in each category of interior decor.

  • Style: $450,000
  • Tint: $187,500
  • Emblem: $104,500
  • Staff: $770,000 for 2 Staff Members
  • Extras: $990,000 for Personal Quarters & Car Lift

Setup Mission

After buying the Auto Shop, you will visit your shop for the first time. Once you enter the shop, a cutscene will be initiated and you will be introduced to Sessanta and Kenny Dixon Jr., aka "Moodyman."

They will give you the quick task of retrieving Sessanta's impounded car from the police station. You can start the mission from the whiteboard inside the Auto Shop.

You need to be a VIP, CEO, or MC President to start this mission, just like any other business-related mission in GTA Online.

When you reach the police station, you will find several cops guarding the garage with Sessanta's car.

Clear out the cops first and quickly grab the vehicle before more cops arrive.

Depending on how many cops you kill, you are bound to get at least 3 or 4 stars wanted level.

The best way to avoid the cops is to drive into the sewer tunnels. Refer to the purple custom indicator on the map below to know the exact location of the sewer tunnel entry point.

Once you're inside the tunnel, wait it out, and eventually, the wanted level will go away.

After that, you can drive back to your Auto Shop to complete this setup mission.


After completing the setup mission, you will be able to do contracts from the job board in your Auto Shop. These contracts are given by KDJ. These are mini-heists, and you are given payment upon completion of each contract. These contracts are doable solo as well.

Exotic Exports List

The Exotic Exports List is a fancier name given to Simeon Cars but with also better pay. It is similar to how you find and deliver cars to Simeon in the free roam world. But, in this case, the cars are randomly spawned in the world, and they are indicated by a small blue dot on your mini-map. The blue dot makes it easier to identify the vehicles.

This list also refreshes every 24 hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a custom auto shop do in GTA 5?

A custom auto shop, such as the Los Santos Customs, allows players to personalize and enhance their vehicles in various ways. You can change your vehicle's paint colors and decals and even install upgrades to improve its performance and durability.

How to use an auto shop in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, you can use your own auto shop to modify your vehicles, accept contracts from its job board, or do the daily Exotic Exports list.

What is the GTA LS Car Meet membership?

The GTA LS Car Meet membership grants players access to exclusive benefits and features. For a one-time fee of $50,000, players can unlock new clothing options, special race modes, Trade Prices for certain vehicles, and access to unique jobs associated with the car meet.

Is GTA auto shop worth it?

Having your own custom auto shop in GTA Online is worth it if you enjoy customizing your car in the most convenient way. You also get to do exclusive missions, earn from the daily Exotic Export list, and use its garage for additional car storage.


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  1. was honestly a pain to set this up imo but i like having access to all the stuff it provides, enough though i know a lot of it is cosmetic

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