GTA Online Community Event With Shark Card Reward

We often take the time to report on official Rockstar event weeks going on in GTA Online. These events have been following one another back-to-back in the past few months to pad out the time in between DLC releases in order to keep the player-base busy. Even so, the recent reveal of upcoming large-scale updates have the community riled up.

In the mean time, however, some pretty damn dedicated GTA Online players have taken things into their own hands, coming up with their own unofficial events and hosting them. One particular player recently started advertising his own community even on a GTA Online specific Subreddit under the username of daniellthorp.

The Del Perro Beach Vehicle Exhibition is being held on PS4 - unfortunately players on any other platform can't attend - and is offering attendees chances to win Shark Cards. Shark Cards are GTA Online's form of microtransaction, which allows players to purchase in-game currency with real money.



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The event will contain several activities, such as a bike stunt show and a special rally race. Taking your car to the meet-up is all you need to be eligible to win a GTA $100,000 Red Shark Card. Another event, which is an endurance motorsport race around much of the map. The grand prize for this race is a Tiger Shark Card, worth 200,000 in in-game currency.

All players need to do is fill out the registration form as seen in the opening post of the thread. Since only a limited number of players can be present in a session at any given time, obviously the number of spaces isn't unlimited. There are only few attendees right now, so sign up before they're all gone for a chance at some easy cash!


Have any of you participated in, or hosted, a similar community event in GTA Online?


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