Christmas DLC Release Date Leaked Too?

It seems that the content of the Festive Surprise isn’t the only thing that was leaked recently. Last year’s Christmas DLC was announced and launched around this time, and with the days to the holiday slowly passing us by, it can be assumed that the announcement and release of 2015’s Festive Surprise update is right around the corner.

And if a recently posted image, which seemingly contains the entry terms for a new GTA$ 1 million Snapmatic contest focusing on new content which will be released with the Holiday DLC, is to be believed, the new update might be released as soon as later today.


We might be hours away from the joint announcement and launch of the Christmas GTA Online DLC, and not even know it. Based on what is written in the document, the Snapmatic contest itself will begin at 12:01 a.m. ET, meaning Eastern Time, the local time in New York City, so time to set your alarms in relation!

This would suggest that the new update goes live at 12:00 a.m. ET, as one of the requirements for a photo to be eligible is for it to feature content from the DLC itself.


This is not unlike any of the previous Snapmatic competitions hosted by Rockstar to commemorate DLC launches. The rest of the document reads like a standard terms of use description, with all the requirements and formal language. The list of eligible countries hasn’t changed, nor have the judgement criteria.

The creativity of the shot counts for 35% of the verdict, with Originality getting another 35% and image positioning just 30%. Of course, this doesn’t mean a creative and unique image shoddily directed will get you first place and the coveted one million in cash.

Do we have any previous winners of GTA Online snapmatic competitions among our readers?

Aron Gerencser
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