GTA Online Chimera Bulletproof Tires Bug Investigated

While GTA Online's newest DLC, Bikers, has been getting heaps of praise from the community, and rightfully so, a few bugs may always slip into the game whenever a new update is released. Bikers brought a lot of new content to the table, so it's to be expected that one or two minor things were overlooked upon launch.

One of the most frequently talked about issues, which the community didn't even initially recognize as a bug, is the lack of bulletproof tires as an option for the Nagasaki Chimera, which is the three-wheeler added to GTA Online in the Bikers update.

Players immediately noticed this little caveat, and at first were calling it out as a design flaw and expressing annoyance at Rockstar's decision to prevent the vehicle from benefiting from this bonus. Considering how violent the average GTA Online session is by default, most players only use vehicles that sport bulletproof tires as a rule, and with reason.


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However, it turns out that this wasn't a conscious design decision made by Rockstar, but rather a small bug that slipped into the release build of Bikers. Players have contacted the developers asking them to remove this limitation from the Chimera, which resulted in the following response (courtesy of Redditor will99222):

Thank you for contacting Rockstar Support.

We understand your concern that you are facing an issue with Nagasaki Chimera.

We have received some reports about as unable to apply bullet proof tires on Nagasaki Chimera. We thank you for reporting this issue, and we will look into this. Please keep an eye on our support site, and/or check the patch notes for future updates for more information about when this issue be resolved.

We deeply care about our fans having the best possible gaming experience.

Your patience and understanding is very much appreciated in this matter.

Do let us know if you have any other queries pertaining to our game in the future and we will be happy to help.


The wording of the response, while quite clearly being a template PR reply, makes it clear that Rockstar considers this issue as a bug rather than a design decision players dislike and will deal with it as such. Players can expect that the upcoming patch, which is rumored to expand the content of Bikers, will resolve this issue, making the Chimera less vulnerable in freeroam.

Will you pick up a Chimera once bulletproof tires are enabled?


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