GTA Online Cervical Cancer Awareness Ride

GTA has always been the franchise at the forefront of various campaigns to get violent video games banned. It was always the scapegoat whenever a violent crime occurred and the perpetrator just happened to also play video games. It was always to blame for something or other.

We'd like to see some pasty politician put a negative spin on this one.



GTA Online crews often take on a specific theme, with their then members conforming to this particular style guide. You've got the military style crews, the old-style Mafia crime family crews, and the newer gangster crews. One of he most well represented and proud subtype of GTA Online crews are the motorcycle clubs. These MCs follow the typical biker lifestyle with slick leather outfits, long hair and beards and riding bikes, of course.

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A few decades ago MCs had the same kind of (incorrect) stigma as metal fans, namely that they were uncivilized, witless brutes who cared nothing for society. Of course this wasn't the case, but that didn't stop the stereotyping. As such it has become a trend for various non-profit volunteer organisations to sprout from biker culture, most famously the tattooed animal rescue.

Put one and one together and you get a cervical cancer awareness ride going on in GTA Online, organised by three MC crews working together (Reapers MC, Disrupt MC and Infernal Punks MC). Add to this that GTA Online's MCs have a fair bit of rivalry going on and the ride is even more commendable.

This sort of thing is what proves that the GTA Online community isn't a mass of homicides waiting to happen but rather a varied group of completely harmless people, with a large percentage of exceptionally decent human beings among them. This is also the sort of thing that gets swept under the rug, with nary a single news piece having reported on it.

Did any of you guys take part in this GTA Online awareness ride?


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