GTA Online’s CEO Editor Competition Announced

While the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony snapmatic competition is still running, giving players a chance to win GTA $ 1 million with a sweet shot flashing the new goods added to the game with the new update, Rockstar is now offering you budding artists out there another – and even better – opportunity to win some prizes for your creations.


The Finance and Felony DLC was released last week, bringing a whole new layer of gameplay to GTA Online with CEO missions. The DLC has players found a criminal enterprise built around the illicit business of black market merchandise trafficking.

Missions involve buying goods, protecting said goods and finally delivering the goods. In all three motions of a transaction, you are bound to be attacked by not only NPCs, but rival organisations (which is okay) as well as asshole griefers in Hydras (not okay).


In fact, the griefer issue has gotten so out of hand that people have begun to tamper with their internet connections just to get into a public lobby alone in order to run missions in peace. CEO missions in GTA Online can become extremely fruitful, however they require an initial investment – which is a concept not all players seem to grasp.

Rockstar has been known to host snapmatic competitions whenever they release a major DLC update for GTA Online, however Editor contests were scarce in the past. This one, which is obviously modeled after the DLC itself might be an indication that Rockstar is going to make these things more frequent.


After all, the next DLC that is slated for release, called Cunning Stunts, is prime material for this kind of thing. The competition could be for the best stunt montage and boom, you have the perfect community event.

But we digress – The #CEO Rockstar Editor Contest is the name of the game and the prizes are some pretty sweet physical goods as well as store credit in the Rockstar Warehouse for runner-ups. The theme of the contest should be pretty self-explanatory.


Entrants must create a completely original video using the Rockstar Editor showcasing their illegal activities as an elite crime syndicate in the most stylish way possible. Obviously, the goal is for the videos to be primarily focused on content introduced in the Executives and Other Criminals and the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony updates.

While you are tasked with showcasing your company as an enticing workplace or potential target for investment, Rockstar doesn’t want you to go with the typical, overtly happy, clean and tame family friendly video. As they state in the Newswire post, the point of this competition is to show off your less than legal activities.


The creative brief for the competition is, well, brief. The only guidelines Rockstar has provided are that the video must be made entirely in the Editor, i.e. no third party video editing software and that the video should focus on the criminal activities of a given organisation gallivanting around GTA Online.

Will it be a narrative with a story to tell? An action-flick where organisations clash? A montage of all kinds of dastardly deeds? You decide! Pretty much everything goes as long as it is overflowing with felony and is primarily based on the two executive DLCs.


The first prize for the competition is a pretty impressive one – though it isn’t a gaming peripheral this time around. The winner of the competition will obviously have their work showcased on the Newswire, but they will also receive the first-ever Rockstar Editor trophy, emblazoned with the logo of the Editor and the Social Club ID of the winner. Other than this, they will get a Director’s Chair (also with SC ID) and the “ultra-rare” GTA 5 varsity jacket (you guessed it, also with the SC ID).

Two runner-ups will receive a smaller rewards in the shape of $100 Rockstar Warehouse store credit and a small package of physical merchandise. Funnily enough, this might even be more enticing to some players, as it allows them to buy anything GTA 5 related based on what they actually like.


Entering the contest is a simple matter. Make your video, tag it with “#CEO”, publish it and voila! There are some restrictions as to eligibility, seeing as some countries and even states don’t allow these kinds of competitions and obviously Rockstar employees can’t participate.

It is also stated that the entered videos must be made in 100% mod-free versions of the game. The use of any mod will get the video disqualified, even non-content mods like Scene Director used to augment the movie-making experience, not adding any actual stuff to GTA 5 on its own.


There isn’t a set date for winner announcement, however entrees are only accepted until the 18th of July, one month from now. That should be plenty of time for aspiring GTA 5 filmmakers out there to whip together a winning entry.

Will you be entering the Rockstar Editor contest?

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