GTA Online "Car Meet" Summer DLC May Be Coming Next Week

If we know anything about Rockstar Games, it's that they love their routine.

Lowrider Car Show

Whenever a routine we've come to know and settle into is broken, we know it means something. For countless weeks and weeks stretching throughout a span of years, Grand Theft Auto Online got a new cycle of weekly bonuses on Thursday. It's Thursday today and no bonuses. We're guessing this means DLC.

So how did we jump to that conclusion? There were several signs pointing to this already, and this is just the latest indication that the major summer DLC Rockstar has been teasing for a while now is dropping on Tuesday. What's more, this has happened before.



For the majority of its existence, Tuesday was the weekly switchover day for bonus events in GTA Online, but things changed when Red Dead Online jumped in on the schedule. Ever since the wild west counterpart has welcomed players for some cowboy adventures, Red Dead Online bonuses began on Tuesdays and GTA Online bonuses began on Thursdays - however, DLC releases are still scheduled to Tuesdays.

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DLC releases also typically kick off their own set of bonuses for the remainder of their weekly cycle which are themed after the new content - double rewards for playing whatever new activities are added to GTA Online in the DLC, that sort of thing. Rockstar can't start these bonuses early because they'll spoil the DLC.

This leads us to believe that the as of yet unnamed but previously announced 'car meet' DLC, described as GTA Online's big annual summer update for this year, is launching next Tuesday. According to the teasers we've seen so far, the update will include new multi-tiered heist missions alongside a violence-free underground car meet mechanic allowing you to show off you rides without having to worry about Hydra trolls blowing you all up.


Another reason we're willing to bet on next Tuesday as the release is because Rockstar Games is a creature of habit - they don't like pre-alerting new content very early on, and we've been seeing tidbits of info about this summer DLC jotted down at the end of Newswire posts since May. A full month since the update got 'announced' is already a long time by their standards.

Between previous cases of missed bonus weeks immediately preceding major updates and the amount of time since the summer DLC has been announced, we think this is a good bet. Sure, at this point it's only speculation, but a lot of the evidence lines up. Either way, we don't need to wait long to find out.

Keep an eye on our feed for news about the summer car meet GTA Online DLC, whenever it drops!


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