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GTA Online Soon Getting Three Cars And Two Adversary Modes

Another GTA Online update, another content leak spilling all the beans on the upcoming DLC Rockstar has lined up for the title. It seems that our guess about the data-mining methods being prevented by the developers didn't pull through, as after yesterday's release of Cunning Stunts: Special Vehicle Circuit, 3D models of upcoming cars have already been posted.

The initial leak came moments after the update went live from Yan2295, who has built a reputation for himself with a near-spotless record when it comes to leaks. Sure, no info other than official press releases posted on the Newswire can be considered 100% accurate, but if Yan is saying something, there's a good chance it's true.

The leak named three upcoming vehicles, though granted, we already knew of two of these vehicles thanks to Rockstar's reveal of their plans for upcoming DLC up and through summer. Beyond the Progen GP1 that was released yesterday, the game will be getting two other classic rides, namely the Turismo and Infernus in their GTA 3 incarnations.

Joining these older legends is a vehicle called the Hijak Ruston, which was later revealed to be an odd, topless, concept-car-ish oddity. We don't quite know what the point of this thing will be, but hey, at least it's not another generic supercar. Chances are car buffs among our readers can identify what this is based on - if you do, please do drop a line in the comments.

The promise of getting classic versions of the Infernus and Turismo likely got fans of the previous GTA games and car enthusiasts hyped up real good, but now we actually get to see what the upcoming cars will look like, and they sure as hell deliver. The 3D models of the cars are already in the game, pre-loaded and only waiting to be unlocked.

Thanks to the nature of tunables, not only can these models be loaded into a viewer on PC, but using mods they can be unlocked in single player, which is something many players have done. Obviously. What's more, the exact prices of the vehicles have also been revealed, and players will breath easy upon learning that all three of the new vehicles have six-figure prices. That's right - none of them hit a million.

The weird Ruston is the cheapest of the lot coming in at no more than GTA$430,000, which is outright cheap considering the prices some of the recent vehicles were going for. Next up is the Turismo Classic which will set you back GTA$705,000 with finally the Infernus Classic being the most expensive by brushing a million with its GTA$915,000 price tag.

Both the Turismo and Infernus Classic will feature pop-up headlights in line with the cars they are based on. In the case of the Turismo, car enthusiasts will note that instead of a typical stock version of pop-ups, the Turismo comes with sleepy-eye variants from the get-go. All three of the new cars will be available from Legendary Motorsports.

Alongside these vehicles, gameplay content will be arriving to GTA Online as well. With the recent resurgence in the popularity of Adversary Modes, Rockstar's designers are about to toss out two more of the title's line of competitive modes. Adversary Modes are typically used as a 'creative space' for Rockstar's designers to work atypical and unique gameplay mechanics into Online which may or may not blend with mainline GTA gameplay.

The upcoming Modes are called Resurrection and Top-Down. The former was described as a "gallows humor take on dodgeball" while the latter will be "a nostalgic homage to the 2D GTA era with some explosive twists". While nothing concrete about these upcoming Modes have been leaked, the names and descriptions are more or less enough to get a good idea of what to expect.

When it comes to Resurrection, we see a deadlier version of those PE dodgeball games we all played back in grade school. We're guessing it will be a Team Deathmatch-like setup with the added mechanic that each time you kill an opponent, someone on your team who died will get a respawn, or something along those lines.

As for Top-Down, the name and the fact that it will be a homage makes it clear that player's cameras will be locked to a top-down view. We're interested to see how this will work with GTA 5's 3D world and how aiming will be achievable. The explosive twist suggests that players will mostly be armed with rocket launchers, grenades and the like - possibly to make aiming easier.

Between all of these bits and pieces of content, alongside the twenty new special vehicle stunt tracks added to the game yesterday, we'll have more than enough content to tide us over until we learn more about this major gunrunning update Rockstar has lined up for the summer. Though chances are we'll see some more DLC before then.


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