GTA Online’s Newest Week Of Bonuses Launched

It seems like “GTA Online Bonuses” is henceforth the official name of the event weeks. Sure, change is good, but what was wrong with *insert theme here*-week? This newest event has a pretty clear armament theme going for it, with all kinds of weapons and vehicles with good offensive or defensive capabilities being discounted.


All promotions this week except for the double RP and cash bonus are like a virtual love letter to all things that go boom. Lasting from the 16th of September until the 22nd, the event gives players a chance to pick up some useful and coveted items and vehicles for a bargain, while also offering ways to gain wealth at a quicker rate.

In one of the biggest discounts in the history of GTA Online weekly events, everything – and we mean literally everything – is 50% off at Warstock Cache & Carry. Durable vehicles, both of the off-road and armed varieties have had their prices slashed in half. Various attack helicopters, the fearsome (unless faced with sticky bombs) Rhino Tank and the almost universally hated Hydra are all cheaper than usual.


Merryweather, the sometimes-ally sometimes-antagonist private military contractor of GTA 5 offers its services to the players of Online a-la-carte. While the event lasts, those services will cost you half as much as usual. In case your weapons have run dry or you need the assistance of some professional guns-for-hire, Merryweather is happy to serve.

One of the most notorious vehicles in the game, lauded to be the car primarily used by obnoxious players (outside of Heists, of course), is also on sale. Until the 22nd, you can pick up the Armored Karin Kuruma from Southern San Andreas Super Autos with a neat 25% discount. Following trends with no style of your own has never been cheaper!


Joining Warstock in the discounts, albeit with a smaller sale, is Ammunation. While you go to the former for large, heavy vehicles that go boom, the latter services items that go boom and fit in your hands! The gun-store has discounted all of its Assault Rifles, the go-to ranged weapon in GTA Online, by 25%.

While killing your enemies and bathing in their blood  is all good and well, it is important to keep your own vital fluids within your body too. Ammunation has extended its discount to body armor as well, joined by all throwables and ammo.


As always, Rockstar has once again temporarily doubled the cash and RP payouts on some jobs in GTA Online while the event… sorry, “bonuses” week lasts. All parachute jobs and matches of the Drop Zone Adversary Mode will be rewarding participants with double the bounty. Rockstar has put together a special event playlist with a selection of maps for both, however every job in both category provides the bonuses.

The playlist includes Drop Zone maps I and IV, as well as parachuting jobs “High Overheads” and “A Ridge Too Far”. Parachuting jobs have you fall through a set of checkpoints mid-air while controlling your descent with a parachute, while Drop Zone has two teams of para-troopers jump into a battlefield and vie for supremacy.


As per the new tradition, this bonuses week also heralds the designation of the new Premium Stunt Race. Based on a kind of popular GTA 5 fan-made stunt videos back in the day, the race “Threading the Needle” has been chosen as the Premium Race this time around. Only the first three finishers get a money reward with first place raking in 100k, but all participants take home triple RP.

Which promo in this GTA Online bonuses week do you find the most appealing?

Aron Gerencser
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