GTA Online Bonuses Extended, New Discounts Added, No Nightclubs DLC Yet

If you got into the vibe of last week's bonuses and have a good workflow going, there is no need to break the mold just yet because Rockstar has extended all of the previous event's bonuses for another cycle.

Grand Theft Auto Online's dedicated smugglers and bikers stand to make pretty penny off these bonuses, and there is a whole new selection of discounted items to splurge on.

In case you weren't around last week or got so smashed celebrating (or mourning) the World Cup finals that you can't remember, the bonuses that have been extended focus mainly on Smuggler's Run Sell missions with a double RP and GTA$ bonus.

Bikers can also get in on the fun with a 25% extra on cash earned through Business Sales as well as an equal discount on supplies. Last but not least, CEOs can purchase special cargo at a 25% discount to increase their profits on sales.

Rockstar is keeping up the trend of making businesses more accessible to players who don't have a lot of GTA$ saved up by slashing property prices. While this may seem particularly generious, keep in mind that the upcoming Nightclubs DLC will offer players the chance to consolidate their businesses, making that investment more attractive if you have a lot of ventures to manage.

Looks familiar? These same bonuses were in last week's event as well.

Executive Offices, unlocking CEO work and the ability to buy special vehicle properites which in turn unlock Export missions, as well as Biker Clubhouses unlocking Bikers content are both 50% off.

All yachts and their renovations are also half-price, even though the only thing they unlock is Piracy Prevention (which, granted, is a great activity). With such a large discount you might be tempted to treat yourself to the most expensive yacht, but that might not be the best choice.

Bunkers and Hangars, unlocking Gunrunning and Smuggler's Run missions respectively, are both 40% off while the most coveted Facilities are at a 30% discount. Facilities are among the most expensive content-specific properties and allow players to take part in The Doomsday Heist and its associated missions, which act as GTA Online's version of end-game content.

An absolutely huge amount of vehicles are on a 30% discount with 7 cars, a bike, 6 aircraft, 3 weaponized vehicles and the Mobile Operations Center on offer.

The MOC and the Avenger, also discounted, both unlock additional activities and can be equipped with specialized equipment - these renovations are also discounted. Highlights among the other vehicles include the FH-1 Hunter, the HVY Barrage, the Cheval Taipan and the Nagasaki Shotaro.

The notoriously expensive (at least, for their time) Benny's Custom upgrades are also 30% off as are almost all vehicle upgrade options. MK II weapon upgrades on the other hand are 25% off, making it easier for you to modernize your arsenal.

The Guest List, a promotional club of sorts geared towards hyping up the soon to be released Nightclubs DLC, has also entered its newest phase.

Mirroring last week's cash bonus of GTA$ 100,000 the free money folk who signed up are receiving is steadily adding up, even if in small installments. Joining the cash is, in keeping with the established theme, a blue wireframe bodysuit.

An interesting thing to note is that ever since the Guest List started rolling out its rewards, GTA Online hasn't received a single bit of new content - no new vehicles, no Adversary Modes.

Compared to how long Rockstar kept up a weekly release schedule of new content, this is quite the change for the community. Clearly the intention behind this is to ramp up hype for Nightclubs, and in that it is succeeding.

Rockstar has also teased upcoming details regarding Nightclubs, telling us to "stay tuned for more nightlife scene details coming soon". This means we might get more insight regarding the year's biggest DLC as soon as later this week.


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