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GTA Online Jumps On Black Friday

While online shopping has made real-life Black Friday marginally more civilized, and less like that wildebeest stampede scene from The Lion King (and now you're crying), it can still be a tad stressful.

So why not release all that stress by continuing your shopping in GTA Online?

Since the game is a satirical version of the real USA, clearly it would have to take on one of the most easily satirized "holidays" the country is known for.

Not that it needs to put in any effort, since the USA on Black Friday already looks like a satirized version of the USA on any other day. So all Rockstar did was slap some discounts on items in GTA Online.

It's just like any other day, but with sales... right?

Luckily all your shopping needs can be done via the in-game internet and you don't need to drive your virtual car to a virtual store in virtual not-Los Angeles. GTA Online keeps rotating between discounts every week, so Rockstar really had to ramp things up to make this stand out.

The new discounts are available through the 27th of November.

For starters, the magic 25% off that Rockstar defaults to when setting discounts in GTA Online has been buffed up to between 50% and 75%, meaning these are finally some truly substantial discounts.

The second thing to make this stand out is, logically, the sheer number of discounts on offer.

Hangars are essential for your smuggling business, and much of the game's newest content isn't available unless you own one, since the new planes require a hangar to be stored in. The Fort Zancudo A2 is 60% off, the 3499 is 55% off and the hangar workshop addon is 50% off.

If running guns is more your thing, and you'd also like to get those snazzy weapon mods only available via bunker research, Rockstar has you covered with a 50% discount on the Grand Senora Oilfields, Grand Senora Desert, Smoke Tree Road, Thomson Scrapyard and Farmhouse bunkers.

For players who prefer earning their honest living by selling illegal goods off the seats of two-wheeled gas horses, Bikers businesses are also discounted. Luckily, it's the two most lucrative businesses that got slapped with markdowns, allowing you to buy cocaine lockups and meth labs at 60% off.

You need to start your criminal empire somewhere, and if you're still a new thug in Los Santos, upgrading to white collar crime can be costly - but not so much while the discounts last. The Maze Bank Tower office and Darnell Bros Cargo warehouse are both 50% off, letting you jumpstart your cartel on a budget.

Once you have the facilities, you also need methods of transportation, and the ordinary just won't do. Stylish wheels cost however, but luckily there are some neat discounts on them too. The Ruiner 2000, Rocket Voltic, Ramp Buggy, Pyro and Bombushka are all half-price.

The Mobile Operations Center, a crucial element of your gunrunning business, is also 50% off, while the not-so-functional Aquarius yacht is 75% off. The usefulness of yachts has been called into question in the past, however for that price, it's definitely worth it.

Something that we're not sure is worth it even at 75% off, however, is the Luxor Deluxe, the gold-plated plane that costs GTA$ 10,000,000 full-price. That shiny flying brick isn't the best way you can spend two and a half million.


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