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GTA Online Bikers: Johnny Klebitz As Contact?

Johnny Klebitzgta V

With the Bikers update for GTA Online arriving soon, a long-desired community request is finally being fulfilled by Rockstar Games. A biker themed DLC has been called for pretty much since launch, and players have even banded together for a pretty popular petition asking for the creation of the update.

Recently, Rockstar finally announced that they are indeed working on a DLC which will have players join MCs. Bikers, as it will be called, will also feature some other additions, such as new clandestine businesses and a personal motorcycle mechanic, which we hope will be somewhat like Benny's but for bikes.

That said, the recent reveal didn't spill all the beans regarding the features of the update, and naturally speculation boomed right after. Players have already formulated some pretty important questions regarding gameplay, many of which we addressed in a recent article. That said, while many of these suggestions seem plausible, we won't know until the official reveal what features will actually be added to GTA Online.


However, we've also been exploring the possibility that maybe Rockstar will be answering not one, but two long-standing community requests. While a biker themed DLC has been long-anticipated, an ever returning wish players express is for more contact missions to be added to GTA Online.

Contact missions are what add narrative and story to the multiplayer GTA V experience. Players often meet characters from the story mode, including protagonist Trevor Philips, who then assign them missions. Now, what if Rockstar brings in another character from the story to act as a new contact? If they will, we're guessing it will be none other than Johnny Klebitz.


We can already hear you saying "But Johnny Klebitz was killed by Trevor!" (we don't consider this a spoiler since it happens very, very early in the story.). However, keep in mind that chronologically, GTA Online takes place before the story mode of V by about 6 months, meaning that Johnny and the Lost are still alive and well.

This would introduce an interesting dynamic. Trevor's contact missions usually have players mess with the Lost MC, so having a new contact in the Lost MC could be hard to explain. However, imagine this: the player is contacted by Johnny, who tells them that instead of wasting resources hunting them down, he would like to hire them instead, and is willing to beat Trevor's offer (thus providing missions which pay better). 
Rockstar might even take things further by adding a rudimentary reputation system, wherein certain actions give you rep with Trevor, while others do so with Johnny. If you have too much reputation with one of them, the other won't offer you missions. However, having a high rep with one of the contacts would yield bonuses, this way there would be incentive for both approaches.

Performing MC missions, like running a successful illegal business, would yield reputation for Johnny, while running heists would increase your renown with Trevor. Rockstar could also add randomly spawning, smaller events to Freemode which would slightly nudge the reputation marked in one direction or the other.

Would you like to see Johnny Klebitz appear in GTA Online as a new contact in Bikers?


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