GTA Online: Bikers Expanded, Sixth Property

It’s been a week since GTA Online received its most anticipated DLC ever in the face of Bikers, but Rockstar isn’t done fulfilling the most frequently requested wishes of the community just yet. Even though Bikers already added a massive amount of content to the extremely popular multiplayer game, it received a follow-up today – and if unconfirmed reports are to believed, it won’t be the only one either.


While the main Bikers update brought in 13 new vehicles and clubhouses which serve as 10-bike garages, this new mini-update builds upon those features, and based on the community response, Rockstar really killed it with the goodwill they just won.

Two new vehicles have been added to the game, both bikes, expanding the number of new rides brought to GTA Online with the Bikers DLC series to 15. The BF Raptor and the Western Daemon Custom are now available for purchase.


The BF Raptor is an odd modern trike-car-buggy-hybrid thing that probably has a proper name that all the bike/car nuts in the comments will slam me for not knowing, while the Daemon Custom is the same as the regular Daemon, however it has a wider range of customization options available.

That said, the Daemon Custom does not replace the old Daemon, which is still available and retains its limited measures of customizability. The BF Raptor costs $648,000 and is allegedly quite difficult to drive due to dodgy handling, while the Daemon Custom costs $145,000 .


However, it wasn’t the addition of these two vehicles which has won Rockstar overwhelming praise from the community. Finally answering an age-old request for a sixth purchasable property, expanding the vehicle-storing capacity of each character by another 10 rides.

Rockstar is also doubling down on the GTA Online bonuses event, announcing a set of discounts and other promos lasting for two weeks. Through the 24th, simply logging in will reward you with a black Western Logo Hoodie. Two double RP and cash promos are also live throughout the event, extended to all games of Slipstream as well as a special event playlist composed of various Stunt Races added in Cunning Stunts.


Discounts are also aplenty, with both Merryweather and Lester marking down their services by 50%, LSC cutting the prices of resprays, tire smoke, rims and turbos by 25% and Ammunation offering 25% off on all bullet ammo, tints, body armor, throwables and drum and box magazines.

Premium races for both weeks encompassed by the bonus event have been selected. Through the 17th, “Forest” (locked to bikes and non-contact)will be the playground of racing champions, while between the 18th and 24th, the fierce battle for first place will move over to “Double Loop” (locked to super). Remember, in Premium Races only the first three finishers get a cash reward, but all participants benefit from triple RP.


Rockstar, anticipating an increased demand for Shark Cards in the wake of such a major DLC release, has kicked off a promo helping you get more bang – by which we mean GTA $ – for your buck. Lasting through Monday, October 17th, the promo follows the typical reverse-sale setup as before.

Instead of paying less for the cards, the same price will net you more in-game currency. The larger the card, the bigger your bonus. As always, the best deal is the Megalodon card, offering a +50% bonus, boosting the in-game value of it from 8 Million to 12 Million for $100.


The bonuses will not be attributed to your in-game account immediately, but rather as a separate transaction by the 21st. If you purchase multiple Shark Cards during this time, the total bonus earnings will be added all at once.

Which part of this new DLC are you happiest about?

Aron Gerencser
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