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GTA Online Gets Second Batmobile, the Benefactor Krieger

You may be the one committing crimes in Grand Theft Auto Online (not fighting them), but Rockstar has been happily adding vehicles that let you feel like a superhero. Joining the overt Batmobile reference is a new supercar that looks more like the lovechild of that classic design plus a generic concept vehicle. We've also got bonuses and discounts on offer.

The Benefactor Krieger is the game's newest vehicle, the design of which is based on an amalgamation of various high performance vehicles, such as the Mercedes-AMG One and the Audi R8 LMS GT3. Two little fins on the rear, that look awfully like bat ears, make the vehicle look somewhat of a modern take on what the caped crusader would drive - in all black, of course.

You can remove the fins as part of the car's extensive customization options, which also gets rid of any visual connection it would otherwise have to the Batman. Beyond all the customization, the car is phenomenal performance-wise , and it is absolutely a viable choice for racing.

It comes at a price however - GTA$ 2,875,000, to be precise.

Rockstar has added two all-new race tracks to GTA Online this week. Joining the Race Series are Mudslide and Troubled Waters. Try out the new tracks to take advantage of this week's double RP and GTA$ bonus - all Race Series and Stunt Series maps pay out 2x rewards.

If you visit the Diamond Casino and Resort this week, you'll have a chance to win the Bravado Gauntlet Classic by testing your fortune at the Lucky Wheel. Remember to go in every day through the 18th of September since you get one spin every 24 hours. It's also worth visiting the casino for the new additions to the store, which include the Adorned Hoodie and the Ornate High Roller Jacket.

With the Race Series being the double reward promo this week, it makes sense that Rockstar slapped a discount on car upgrades as well as some great racing vehicles. All upgrades and customizations are 40% off, and you can grab cars like the Declasse Hotring Sabre, Pegassi Infernus Classic and Ocelot Ardent 30%.


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