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Suits and ties are in for the GTA Online August 17 Update

GTA Online's latest update will last through April 23.

In the sprawling virtual world of Los Santos, every Thursday feels like an early Christmas. Why? Because that's when Rockstar Games releases its GTA Online weekly update and refreshes the game with new content. This week, the Santa of San Andreas hasn't disappointed.

Here's everything new that was added to GTA Online as part of the August 17 update:

  • 3X GTA$ & RP on Export Mixed Goods
  • 3X GTA$ & RP on Community Series
  • 2X GTA$ & RP on Special Cargo Sell
    • 1 x Orange Pinstripe Pajamas for completing a Special Cargo Sell mission
  • 2X GTA$ & RP on Special Vehicle Work
  • 2X GTA$ & RP on Arena War Series

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

  • Benefactor XLS Armored (SUV) - Mercedes-Benz GL-Class
  • Enus Cognoscenti (Sedan) - Maybach 62
  • Progen Itali GTB (Super) - McLaren 570S
  • Benefactor Schafter LWB - Mercedes-Maybach S600

Luxury Autos Showroom

  • Grotti X80 Proto (Super) - Ferrari F80 Concept
  • Överflöd Entity XXR (Super) - Koenigsegg One:1

Diamond Casino Podium

  • Test your luck with a spin at the Diamond Casino Lucky Wheel this week for a chance to go home with the grand prize, the Albany Roosevelt Valor, for free. This V12-powered RWD limousine takes inspiration from the vehicle once owned by the infamous real-life mobster, Al Capone, the 1928 Cadillac 341A.

Car Meet Prize Ride

  • Placing in the Top 3 in LS Car Meet Races for two straight days will let you go home with a Dewbuachee Specter (Sports), a car based on the Aston Martin DB10 in real life.
  • Head on over to the LS Car Meet's Test Track to give the following cars a spin:
    • Emperor Vectre - Lexus RC F
    • Enus Windsor Drop (Coupe) - Rolls Royce Wraith
    • Pegassi Tempesta (Super) - Lamborghini Huracán and Lotus Esprit Concept
  • The Imponte Arbiter GT (Muscle), which takes inspiration from the 1970 Pontiac GTO, is available as this week's Premium Test Ride.


  • Benefactor XLS (Armored, SUV) - 40% off
  • Pegassi Tempesta (Super) - 40% off
  • Precision Rifle - 40% off
  • Vapid Nightmare Imperator (Muscle) - 40% off
  • Vapid Apocalypse Imperator (Muscle) - 40% off
  • Vapid Future Shock Imperator (Muscle) - 40% off
  • Weeny Apocalypse Issi (Arena Upgrade) - 40% off
  • Weeny Issi Classic (Compact) - 40% off
  • Executive Office Properties - 30% off
  • Executive Office Upgrades and Modifications - 30% off
  • Special Cargo Warehouses - 30% off
  • Progen Itali GTB (Super) - 30% off
  • Överflöd Entity XXR (Super) - 30% off
  • Unholy Hellbringer - 30% off
Rockstar Games' commitment to keeping GTA Online updated amidst all the criticism is commendable.

If you're an old-timer in the world of GTA Online, you'll know that the game's strength lies not just in its immersive world, but in the consistent flow of new content. From the minor tweaks to challenges and from vehicles to showdowns, Rockstar ensures that the game never becomes stale. And this week's additions are a testament to that commitment.

To those still grinding daily: your dedication is about to pay off. And to those who have been on a break, this might be the nudge you need to dive back into the chaos of Los Santos. After all, isn't that what GTA Online is all about? Unpredictability, chaos, and a ton of fun.


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  1. For whatever reason, anything I earned this week seems to have disappeared, Anyone else? I contacted Rockstar but haven't heard back.

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