GTA Online Arena War Coming December 11

At last, Grand Theft Auto Online is getting its first proper DLC in a very long time.

Rockstar Games announced Arena War earlier today, and luckily you won't have to wait too long for it to arrive either - Arena War will be released later today, on the usual late-Tuesday DLC release schedule!

Based on the description, Arena War will add an entirely new progression system, new vehicle types and several new gameplay opportunities. Taking place primarily in the Maze Bank Arena, the DLC adds 7 new game modes which focus on vehicular combat. All taking place inside a stratospheric dome, the whole thing reads like a mishmash of Twisted Metal, Mad Max and Robot Wars.


Vehicles are armed and armored, and the arena is booby trapped. Cars are equipped with rollbars, machine guns and lots of spikes. The released artwork features a motorcycle with a pair of miniguns attached. These and more custom vehicle types will also be added to the game.

We wonder if these "arena vehicles" will be usable at all in free-roam and how customizable they will be. On paper, the concept seems very similar to weaponized vehicles, so we'll see how Rockstar differentiates the two.

We mentioned a new progression system. As you play Arena War content you'll progress with your career and earn Arena Points used to increase a new rank independent from your main character rank. Arena Points also allow you to unlock new content and items, and will likely work as a separate currency used for Arena War content instead of using in-game money.

We'll learn more about the specifics of how Arena War works and what kind of content to expect in the coming hours as the DLC will soon be launched. Stay tuned for coverage and log into GTA Online upon release!

Aron Gerencser
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