GTA Online Albany Hermes Glitch Refunded

On Christmas Eve, when the snow fell in Los Santos, Rockstar handed out a number of in-game gifts to GTA Online players. Among them was an all-new car, the Albany Hermes, which was freely redeemable to all. Except it wasn't, because a bunch of players were charged full price for the "gift".

The Albany Hermes wasn't a one-time vehicle leaving players out of luck if they didn't log in during the time period for the gift distribution - it can be bought for GTA$ 535,000 if not acquired for free. Thing is, many players redeeming the allegedly free gift were charged that amount as well during the free period.

News of the glitch started making the rounds on social media, showing that a huge segment of the total player base was affected. Undoubtedly Rockstar Support was also flooded with tickets regarding the issue, as an official statement was released very quickly, on the 26th.


Question: I was charged for the Albany Hermes on December 25, 2017, but it was supposed to be free. How do I get my GTA$ back?

Answer: We are aware of an issue on PC where players were charged for the Albany Hermes when it was supposed to be free. We are working on reimbursing all affected players.

The solution arrived almost as quickly. The usual screen upon logging in stating an in-game account balance correction, which gained notoriety for being used when hacked money is flushed out, showed that players have been reimbursed for GTA$ 535,000.

Except, the refunds were given to players who didn't redeem/buy the car as well. In fact, at first, only players who didn't get affected by the glitch got the refund.

The reimbursement was provided to the entire population on PC, the only platform affected, and was sent out in waves instead of all at once, with the first waves including those who didn't redeem the car - probably because code is weird.

However, as the reimbursement waves have been rolling out, players who did get the car and were erroneously charged are also getting their refunds. The whole situation can be tracked - almost in real time due to the speed of the posters - on the dedicated GTA Online subreddit. Some affected players still didn't get their refunds, however the waves are still going out, and after all, there are a lot of people playing GTA Online.

Thing is, the reimbursement sent to those who didn't redeem the car is proactive, as the price is still bugged and even though some players who logged in on the 25th, and thus have the free redemption "token" are still charged for the car, it's still listed as free. Basically, if you don't have the car but were given GTA$ 535,000 by Rockstar, you can pick to use that to buy the car and come out even making it "free", or use the cash for something else.

Hopefully whatever surprise New Year's gifts Rockstar has in plan won't cause similar glitches.

Logan Smith

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