GTA Online Account Bans Follow Cash Exploit

It seems that new’n’shiny anti-cheating system Rockstar has implemented really works.

Not only is it noninvasive, allowing for unhindered game play and mod-use in GTA V’s single player mode, but it is also catching the crooks. The fact that the new system works so well is admirable, however it is a damn shame that Rockstar’s engineers didn’t come up with this a few updates ago. That way the inconveniences of 1.27 and the absolute disaster of 1.28 could have been avoided. We forgive you though guys..


The thing with modding in GTA V, is that if Rockstar takes the logical approach of ripping out the problem at its roots, they’ll also be ripping beneficial features out as well. Namely, single player mod support, which continues to be a big draw for GTA V’s PC appeal. Apparently, you can’t really have one without the other, so finally Rockstar has stopped trying to do magic and decided to take a deep breath and plunge into the deep end. The Freemode Events update introduced an absolute boatload of interlinked hidden stats which track basically everything you do while playing GTA Online. The system reports suspicious behavior, which is then investigated by an employee.

So here we have a system which does not kill mods, and also does not break the game. Well, the system has now demonstrated that it can also complete its third, however most important function – catching the bastards cheating in GTA Online!


Another one of those infamous mass-ban waves has washed over GTA Online, suspending the game access of hundreds of accounts. Whenever there is a purge of this magnitude, obviously some mistakes are made. While the new system is advanced, it still does not take into account that in some cases a hacker performs a money hack on another player instead of themselves. In these cases, falsely implicated and banned players should contact Rockstar support.

The recent ban wave was prompted by several new exploits having been discovered since the launch of the Halloween Surprise DLC. More on that tomorrow…. Have you ever fallen victim to “reverse-hacking” in GTA Online?

Trevor Phillips
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