GTA Online 1.56 Update Adds Motion Blur Slider

In between the DLCs and major content updates, Grand Theft Auto Online gets its fair share of patches and bug fixes - a game this huge and active needs plenty of maintenance. A new title update has dropped for GTA Online, bringing the version number up to 1.56 and adding a surprising and useful feature alongside the usual fixes and improvements.

1.56 affects the console versions of the game, both last-gen and current gen running Expanded and Enhanced. While Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 benefit from the improvements in this patch, version 1.56 is skipping PC - possibly because recently E&E was rated for the platform, and all the included changes will be wrapped into the new release.

While there are some welcome bugfixes in the update - you can check out the full patch notes here - the main attraction is, surprisingly, a new feature. New features usually don't get rolled out in title updates in between DLCs or bigger updates, since these patches tend to be reserved for bug fixes and performance tweaking, as well as just general maintenance.

GTA 5 and Online now have Motion Blur sliders on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S - sorry, last-gen players, you only get bugfixes. The slider is a welcome addition since motion blur is an utterly abhorrent effect with no place in video games, but companies are adamant about including it regardless.


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In case you are among the, like, three people who don't hate motion blur and can keep your dinners down even after being subjected to it, the slider will allow you to fine-tune the degree to which the game assaults your eyeballs rather than having a simple on and off switch.

Alongside the motion blur adjustment setting, the update brought a bunch of fixes to the table. Various loading screen and menu UI issues have been fixed that caused players to get stuck on alert messages or loading into one mode from another. The bug causing players to receive a false ban for loading into Online from story mode has also been fixed.

A number of crashes have also been fixed, as well as black screen bugs when players attempt to access newly-transferred characters brought over from the last generation consoles. In some cases, players were also experiencing their progress not being saved automatically in GTA Online as it should be - this issue has also been fixed.

Many miscellaneous bug fixes specific to the Expanded and Enhanced edition focus on minor nitpicks, teething pains as one might call them in a new release, that are small enough to have slipped through QC. These include typos, color bugs with tire smoke and similar smaller fixes.

Update 1.56 is now live.


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