GTA Protagonist Roast Battle (Video)

Gamers tend to be pretty competitive and defensive when it comes to personal preferences. Which platform is the best? Which game is better than the other? Whose favorite game character would win in a fight? You’d think that at least fandoms of any given franchise would pull together, but arguments over which GTA game is the best, for example, often erupt within player bases. The eternal question of which GTA protagonist is the best has enveloped the community ever since the beginning of the 3D era.


Each game has a pretty loyal camp of followers advocating that everything about said game is superior to all other games in the franchise. Main characters, being “main” and “characters” are usually at the center of every conflict.

GTA V was the first in the series to introduce 3 fully voiced and fleshed out characters (the original GTA had multiple protagonists, but choosing whichever one had no impact). The community and marketing department has more or less elected Trevor as the poster boy for this game. As such, it’s fitting that he should be the one to take on Niko Bellic, protagonist of GTA IV.

Now, they could have easily settled this via gunfight, race or rampage, however the most GTA-esque way of settling this debate is obviously a roast battle. GTA fan and YouTuber Btoony has decided to put it to a final test.

The lines are sound files ripped from the two games, mixed together to fit the back-and-forth between the two competitors. It should go without saying that this is definitely not safe for work, unless you boss is okay with “dicks” being said over and over again. Both provide strong performances – probably why Btoony chose to end the video like he did.

Which GTA protagonist across the whole franchise is your favorite?

Aron Gerencser
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