GTA Meets Good Old Street Fighter 2

And now all of you have Guile’s theme playing in your heads.

Retro GTA games, meaning installments as far back as the first and second, have collected a pretty hefty crowd following over the years of the franchise’s rise in popularity.

However very few games can hold their own against the massive cult following of Street Fighter 2. Street fighter is one of the pillars, one of the core games of the fighting genre – and that’s one genre where fans have one preference and everything else is automatically shit by virtue of simply being something else.

Street Fighter versus BlazeBlue versus Tekken and so on and so forth. If you like you, you must hate the others. Street Fighter makes up part of the old-guard with its pixel graphics and chip-tune soundtrack.

The most recent installment of the legendary series, Street Fighter 5, was recently released – in pretty bad shape. The launch was a bit of a disaster and currently the game has no way of dissuading or punishing so called rage-quitters, causing many a rumble in the fan-base.

Street Fighter V’s issue is that it only logs a match as a win or lose if you complete said match. Some players decide to jump ship when they realize things are not going their way. As it became known that the system can be exploited in such a way, use of the “technique’ spread.

Currently Capcom are implementing a system similar to the bad sport system in GTA online. Anyone detected rage-quitting will be booted from the leaderboard and won’t be able to collect certain kinds of rewards.


But then again, you could just add the bad sport system as it is to the game – or all of GTA V. Retro games and GTA have quite a bit of a fan-made rapport. Be it good old Pokémon or retro style top-down Metal Gear Solid, GTA has crossed paths with it.

The wonders of the extremely flexible Rockstar Editor are never ending. The Editor was originally developed for the game’s PC version, however it was later launched on the current gen consoles as well. It is a powerful app which allows you to record your gameplay, set up scenes and edit the footage all within GTA V.

No third party software, no complicated tools, no cumbersome uploads. It gives you access to a wide library of animations that you can choose from for every character and object model in the game.

Retro game and GTA fans ‘Wnfakind Gaming’ have put together a heartfelt and amusing little cross-over video between GTA Online and Street Fighter 2. Featuring the music, sound effects, menu and HUD of street fighter, but the visuals of GTA V, this video is both hilarious and awesome in a hostalgic way.


Two GTA Online protagonists take on the roles of Ken and Ryu, arguably the most famous Street Fighter characters. Both have their iconic combo powers, the hadouken and the shoryouken, recreations of which are attempted in the video.

Funnily enough, this proves to be one of those few occasions where dialing down the quality setting on YouTube will actually enhance the experience. The lower the resolution, the more the video will resemble Street Fighter 2.

Embarking on the journey of creating such a video must have taken no small amount of courage, seeing as GTA V wasn’t exactly built with melee in mind. Saying “hey, I’m going to make a fighting game video in GTA V” pretty much on the level of “hey, hold my beer and watch this”.

Do we have any fighting game aficionados among our readers, or do you play GTA V exclusively?

Aron Gerencser
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