GTA Livestream With Soundtrack Artist Delayed

A few days ago we posted about Rockstar’s new livestream schedule which was supposed to be keeping you company these cold weekend afternoons.


The first scheduled stream, featuring several prominent YouTubers taking some of the new Freemode Events and the two newly added Adversary modes for a spin went without a hitch. However, yesterday eager fans waiting for the much anticipated stream with Neon Indian, one of the artists who worked on GTA V’s soundtrack, could do naught but stare at an empty screen. Rockstar has since updated their Newswire post stating that the stream with the artists has been delayed to a later date.

Please note that today’s originally announced livestream with Neon Indian is being postponed to a later date. Please make sure to follow Rockstar on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to stay notified of the new date.


Neon Indian was set to feature the members of the band giving an exclusive first look (or listen) into their new upcoming LP, VEGA INTL. Night School. Including previewing a few of their never before heard songs during the stream and being broken up with the musicians trying their hand at some GTA Online Adversary modes. This would have been the band’s debut on a Rockstar livestream, and it would have been made possible by the band passing through town while on tour. During the stream, Rockstar would have held a concurrent set of giveaways on their Twitter feed, which would have seen a few lucky fans become richer with an autographed GTA V soundtrack CD.


It is currently unknown why the stream was delayed, but we’re guessing it could be due to complications with the band and their tour. However it is entirely possible that the delay happened by no fault of Neon Indian at all. Fans of the band are eager to see their performance, so we are sure they’re diligent in getting everywhere on time. Rockstar has yet to announce the actual date of the stream.

Were any of you guys looking forward to this GTA V stream?

Aron Gerencser
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