GTA: Liberty City Stories Possibly Coming To Mobile

It seems that the next GTA game in line to get the mobile treatment is one of the expansion packs of GTA III. Could Liberty City Stories be coming to iOS and Android next?


All the GTA games from the so called 3D universe, namely GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas, have been ported to mobile devices for their 10th anniversaries, and also subsequently ported to both the last-gen and current-gen consoles since. Both III and Vice City later received standalone expansion packs with all new stories, missions and characters, albeit in the same settings. With the main games of the 3D universe having gotten their respective mobile ports, it is only logical to assume that the expansions are up next.


Based on a leaked rating image, the quasi prequel of III will soon get the same mobile treatment as the other games, meaning the full game getting proper touch controls, and all content will be ported with no cuts.

Based on this rating alone we can also expect Vice City Stories to pop up next, however it will be a good long while before Rockstar even considers porting GTA IV to mobile, since that would be a massive undertaking, and the game would need to undergo a massive downgrade to be mobile viable.


Liberty City Stories follows Toni Cipriani, a former mafia hitman who returns to Liberty City after he spends several years abroad in exile. He is greeted by the family he used to work for, and is welcomed back into the fold. However a new member of the group, hungry for Toni’s position, tries to get him killed, which pulls Toni into a larger power struggle. The game’s story is supposed to be a set-up for GTA III.

Did you guys play Liberty City Stories back on the PSP?

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